Comarch WMS Warehouseman

Are you responsible for processing of warehouse orders?
Do you use a device of data collector type every day?
Is carrier handling in a warehouse a necessity? 

Discover Comarch WMS Warehouseman!


Comarch WMS Warehouseman supports all physical warehouse operations. This tool, with a simple interface and clear messages, guides users step by step in the warehouse. The application works on handheld devices (terminals and data collators), which, with long range scanners, can reach the barcodes on any shelf in a high storage warehouse.

Discover the benefits

Comarch WMS Warehouseman supports such processes as:

  • receiving and checking deliveries
  • putting away and re-locating of items
  • picking and packing orders
  • verification of items, locations and pallets
  • preparing shipping parcels for carrier and customer
  • printing documents and logistics labels
  • inventory checking


Comarch WMS Warehouseman has many features designed specifically to optimize the speed of picking and increase the accuracy of packing a customer order. Clients’ orders from retail shops or e-commerce can be efficiently processed in the warehouse by using:

  • a single or multi-step picking process (single and batch orders)
  • required barcode scanning to confirm a picked item
  • automatically increasing quantity after every scan
  • automatic communication with carrier and printout of shipping labels
  • management of cartons, pallets and return packaging units


Operations performed by warehouse operatives using the application are logged and displayed in Comarch WMS Management, so that the supervisor can respond easily to delays in preparing shipments and check complaints filed by customers.


Clear messages, understood by each warehouse worker 

Clear and comprehensible information on what an employee should do in any given step of warehouse order processing clearly contributes to:

  • time saving
  • mistake and error limitation
  • faster training for new employees
  • clear messaging
  • cost reduction
  • an absence of complicated paperwork


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