Comarch Mobile Sales

Do you complete your tasks from anywhere while away from your standard workplace?
Are mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, part of your everyday life?
Do you need access to your company’s most essential and up to date data? 

Discover Comarch Mobile Sales!


Comarch Mobile Sales is an application dedicated for sales representatives and mobile employees working away from their standard workplace, who spend most of their time on business trips or at a customer’s place of business.

Find out how the mobile application supports the everyday work of sales representatives.  

Discover the benefits

The Comarch Mobile Sales application offers a wide variety of functionalities which streamline the work of sales representatives by providing for, among other things: 

• Access to the full history of transactions, payments, and contacts with a customer
• Conducting pre-selling sales transactions (taking orders and giving quotes at a customer’s place of business), as well as processing them quickly via a warehouse with the help of the Comarch WMS Warehouseman application
• Conducting on the spot sales transactions (realization of sales transactions at the customer’s premises), by issuing invoices
Printing documents on mobile thermal printers or laser printers and obtaining the customer’s signature
• Sending PDF files with document printouts
• Registering meetings and phone contacts, delivering at the same time full information to headquarters about all actions undertaken in cooperation with customers
Completing the actions scheduled by a manager in the Comarch Mobile Managment application
Registering traveled routes and using the messenger to communicate with co-workerss
Scheduling new actions and reviewing already completed ones in the application available on any device via a web browser



For employees working away from their standard workplace, it is important that they can communicate easily with co-workers. Employees who do fieldwork may:

Communicate with one another with the help of the application installed on smartphone or tablet with Android operating system
Determine work statuses, such as loading, opening of trapdoor
Review already registered trips in the application available on any device via a web browser


From the point of view of the management staff, it is important to be able to track the routes traveled by sales representatives. Managers who are directly responsible for given employees may conveniently track the routes they travelled, using Comarch Mobile Management.

Fill in a questionnaire during a meeting with a customer!

During a meeting with a customer, a sales representative may easily and conveniently obtain not only commercial details  by registering an order, sales quote or sales inquiry, but also market-based information, data about a customer, sales-related values and more, by filling in a questionnaire.  


Credit limit control in real time

A sales representative has access to real-time data concerning a customer’s defined credit limit and actual status, in order to prevent this limit being exceeded. Depending on the settings defined in the Comarch ERP Altum system, the application can inform the representative about overdue payments,  trigger a warning or block confirmation of a transaction which exceeds fixed credit limits.

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