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What exactly is 
Comarch Cloud?

Comarch Cloud is a powerful, constantly developed cloud computing service that helps you build, manage, upgrade, and maintain your business applications thanks to a dedicated set of advanced tools and frameworks.

Modernizing your company's IT environment, the family of Comarch Cloud products enables you to accelerate digital transformation, optimize costs, and drive better business results with ease.

What are the benefits?

Zero investment costs

No additional hardware or office downtime, but more flexibility & prices charged only for the features in use.

Reduced costs

We help companies reduce their operational costs by 50-80%, depending on the nature of their business.

Full product scalability

Providing instant access to its functionalities, CIC can be easily configured to meet your requirements.

Security & reliability

Thanks to risk prevention mechanisms and top encryption methods, CIC stores & protects your data effieciently.

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Cloud Engine (IaaS)

Providing best-in-class performance, availability, and flexibility of computing power (CPU), operating memory (RAM) and disk space, Cloud Engine is a secure and robust shared resource designed specifically for managing complex IT landscapes. 

Available in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service model, our Cloud Engine is perfectly scalable and its parameters can be changed at any moment to meet your company's requirements at all times.

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Multi-cloud Management Services

We know how difficult the management of other clouds can be. That is why we want to provide the right support. Managed Multi-cloud Services can be used for the migration of both cloud-native and legacy applications to the cloud

If your environment operates in a different cloud than CIC (Comarch Infraspace Cloud), we can still take care of it to help you drive better results.

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Cloud Managed Services (PaaS)

Do you want to focus on business development instead of being constantly preoccupied with various IT-related problems? Not only will our Cloud Managed Services provide the right infrastructure, but they will also take care of its daily maintenance - regardless of the complexity of your IT applications and services.

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Private Cloud

If data security is your highest priority, we can build you a dedicated cloud infrastructure using fully separated, dedicated computing, storage, and network resources.

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IBM Power Cloud

Want to transform your IBM infrastructure into a cloud-based one? IBM Power Cloud is a set of low-priced services available in PaaS and IaaS models that provide even more functionality

In the Pay-as-you-Go model, you get full control over your costs as well as maximum scalability, especially when you use applications that are per-core licensed.

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