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Empowering Business to Leverage the Cloud More Effectively


In today’s global marketplace, nearly every business decision is also an IT decision. You need a way to improve the performance of existing applications, deploy new enterprise-class cloud-native applications, increase the speed of time to market for new products and services, reduce overall IT costs and boost business agility. When it comes to cloud services, there is no “one size fits all” delivery model that will sufficiently address the unique business approach of each organization.

To compete in today’s complex, fast-changing IT environment, businesses need modern and advanced solutions. Comarch believes that cloud services should be integrated with the portfolio of all available ICT services, thus enabling companies to use modern technologies anywhere, any time.

Comarch Cloud Infraspace meets the needs of medium and large enterprise with a comprehensive portfolio of IT services that enables businesses to deliver to market faster, increase productivity and optimize costs.

What do we deliver?

  • Hosted Private Cloud
    delivery of both unmanaged and managed private cloud
  • Cloud Migration services
    help in moving infrastructure, applications and business processes of an organization to cloud. Services identify areas of risk and opportunities for improving the performance and availability of critical business functions
  • Managed Multi Cloud Services
    comprehensive set of services and management tools that help maintain greater visibility and oversight across disparate resources
  • Managed Security Services
    24/7 Network & Security Operations Center
  • Enterprise Public Cloud
    delivery of both unmanaged and managed public cloud


Among the greatest benefits of Comarch Cloud Infraspace are flexibility and reliability. The solution offered by Comarch allows you to adjust the cloud to your own needs by configuring its individual parameters, i.e. the number of processors, memory and resources, and types of disk space. At any time, you can change the allocated resources and use exactly the computational resources your business needs, scale application performance and at the same time optimize operational costs.


Test new initiatives on demand in a minimal risk environment


Deliver your latest innovation to market faster

Managed Services

Use the wide range of additional managed services available on the cloud platform


Take advantage of a secure, enterprisegrade, container-based cloud platform for your business


Easily add computing power, networking, storage and other elements to your cloud


Deploy secure and reliable IT solutions that improve operational capabilities and
optimize costs

Single point of contact

Single point of contact in any IT infrastructurerelated case

Simple migration

Simple migration from public clouds (Azure/AWS/Google/Softlayer) and on-premises environments to the private Comarch Cloud

Global platform

Ability to sell clients a comprehensive solution in the form of a cloud platform
with a customized application


Comarch’s cloud services are available worldwide. We currently have 90 offices located in 31 countries and 15 geographically dispersed data centers. This gives us the opportunity to meet the needs of global enterprises and service providers. The Comarch Cloud Infraspace solution covers three regions in Europe, from Poland, France and Germany. Our services are available any time, anywhere – always close to your business.

IT Security Auditing & Compliance

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