Polish pharmaceutical firm Olimp Labs uses Comarch DMS

The Olimp Labs Capital Group has been present on the dietary supplements market since 1990. For more than 30 years, it has invested constantly in development, and today it serves more than 100 global markets. The development of the Research and Development Center (one of the most innovative in Europe) and new production lines allows the company to set trends in supplementation and nutrition. The last 10 years also saw PLN 315 million worth of investment in new technologies.

The activities which make Olimp Labs an international company exporting products to more than 100 countries around the world required effective management solutions at the IT level. In this respect, the company is supported by Comarch ERP XL, integrated with the Comarch DMS application. This solution allows more efficient management of processes and document circulation in the business.

Full picture of business trip costs

Olimp Labs uses DMS in several key areas of document administration, resulting in significant savings in time and handling costs. The company wanted to implement closer monitoring in the field of business trip management. Comarch DMS, which includes an intuitive editor to allow companies to easily adapt processes to their own needs, was used by Olimp to create a business trip procedure. The system monitors the course of trips from the moment they are recorded to the final acceptance and settlement of costs. The employee creates the appropriate document, which includes with the destination, trip duration and schedule.

The whole procedure ends in accounting, where the employee accounts for the business trip and sends associated invoices electronically, using a dedicated system procedure.

“In this way, we were able to reduce the costs, which we can monitor using Comarch DMS. In addition to information about the costs of business trips, such as accommodation and travel expenses, we also have an insight into the exact course of each business trip. This is of great importance for the specificity of our company, operating not only in Poland but in more than 100 other countries around world”, explains Henryk Cieśla, Economic Director.

Invoice management

The scale of the company also translates into a high daily number of cost and purchase invoices. Comarch DMS includes embedded functionalities to support the proper circulation of invoices. In the first step, the sales representative completes the invoice with the required information, and passes it to their regional manager. The supervisor verifies the data, and decides whether to reject the document or forward it to the head of department. Should there be no reservations about the invoice, it is forwarded to accounting and finally archived. It is worth noting that the integration of solutions allows users to create a document on the ERP system, including a full description, at the touch of a button. The whole process takes place in clear windows, enabling the user to preview the document easily and move on to the next stage.

The integration of applications with the base Comarch ERP XL system is a great advantage in this area. This allows, for example, employees of the secretariat and sales representatives to easily assign contractors to a given document. Comarch DMS does not require dictionaries to be imported or created, as it only uses the ERP system database online so we operate simply on a single list of contractors. Also, in the event that a given contractor does not appear in the ERP, the employee may independently enter their data, and this information becomes immediately available in both systems. This improves the whole process greatly”, explains Magdalena Wicher Chief Accountant.

Clear service of contracts with contractors

The circulation of invoices is closely connected with another process created for the needs of Olimp Labs, which supports contracts with pharmacies. Details of a large number of contracts must be closely monitored to avoid mistakes and ensure timely settlements.

Previously, it was often the case that we would receive an invoice in relation to a given contract, but that we did not have precise information about whether the contract in question was valid. This meant that additional time was needed for settlement of that contract. Now, in a few simple steps, we can preview the contract and attach the assigned purchase document to it. The circulation of contracts also allows us to add newly signed agreements to the system, including those from sales representatives, to monitor those contracts as they are sent, and to change their templates via the system”, says Paweł Kozłowski Pharmaceutical Sales Director Olimp Labs.

Olimp Labs also uses the Comarch DMS application for registering correspondence, contracts, letters arriving at the secretariats, and the effective circulation of documents, allowing verification of new clients.

Push notifications to remind of important documents

Smartphones are increasingly used to perform various online activities that previously required access to a laptop. Remote work is gaining in importance, and, with access to the appropriate tools, it can be no less effective than performing tasks from behind a desk at a company headquarters. In the face of trends that indicate a continuous increase in the importance of mobility in everyday personal and professional life, it is important to have the right tools. One of them is the Comarch DMS application

At Olimp Labs, this capability is used by management. The system sends notifications that are visible on a smartphone home screen, so that users who are not currently working in the application are kept informed of, for example, new documents. This significantly simplifies and accelerates decision-making processes. At present, information about a document requiring approval reaches the assigned person immediately, and they can click on the notification and move directly to the next step.

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