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Comarch ERP – Your Partner for the Digitization of Your Company

Digitization transforms a company’s activity by implementing digital technologies in all business processes. The purpose of such a change is to bring maximum profits through

  • Quickest changes in products, offers, processes
  • Increased accuracy of offer personalization
  • Better communication, both internally and externally
  • New shopping experience for customers.

    Digitization, or digital transformation, makes it possible to gain competitive advantage and achieve tangible effects thanks to the modification of methods, turning IT solutions into the core of your business. Compared to previously deployed strategies, such an approach is not only a response to the needs of separate marketing, sales, warehouse, or production departments, but also embraces the whole company.
    Discover Comarch and digitize your company to release its full potential. This Polish producer of state of the art IT solutions has been creating technology trends in business for 25 years, and may provide you with a full package of solutions necessary to digitize any company.

    See how you may digitize your business with Comarch
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Digitization is possible in every company - regardless of its type and size. Our portfolio includes innovative ERP systems supporting all kinds of companies. Discover our solutions:

  • Comarch ERP Altum- a multi-lingual ERP platform dedicated to Polish and international trading and service companies and retail chains, supporting the multi-company approach
  • Comarch ERP Optima- an innovative and integrated application for small and medium-sized companies and accounting offices
  • Comarch ERP XT - a cloud-based and mobile application supporting the management of micro and small enterprises.

We enable our clients to either install software on their own servers or use Comarch Cloud, where we provide access to advanced IT solutions with no need to invest in any required servers, licenses or services. Comarch’s software is installed on modern and secure servers at Comarch Data Centers in Poland, France, and Germany.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer science fiction, and has become widely implemented in business. Artificial intelligence may be applied practically, for example to recognize speech and writing, support customer profiling systems, use knowledge to resolve problems, or facilitate  machine learning.

Comarch ERP systems learn you and your habits, matching your preferences and mode of work. The program automatically configures its interface in order to display frequently used options first, prompts typical proceeding paths, and helps your to access previously used documents quickly. It is all done so that you can carry out your work as quickly and easily as possible.

Machine learning learns your organization’s business processes. For instance - if an invoice is always generated after releasing products from a warehouse, the computer can do it automatically. Similarly, it can select a product delivery method based on product type, or it can suggest a change of payment form and date on the basis of previous customer behavior.

Please download our machine learning case study


Together with millennials, those 20 and 30-year-olds who are constantly strengthening their position on the job market, mobile trends will determine business reality. Your smartphone may be as efficient a work tool as a PC. Gain independence from time and geographical limitations and use mobile applications to manage your company whenever and from wherever you choose. Control all enterprise areas, from the HR department to service and sales representatives, your warehouse and manufacturing.

Discover innovative Comarch Mobile solutions

Big Data

Big, diversified data collections with many variables are priceless assets for any company. To take full advantage of such collections, you need the appropriate tools. Comarch Business Intelligence provides analytical solutions thanks to which you will immediately find required information in a digitized collection.

The system offers not only intelligence, but also related conclusions, on the basis of which you will gain a deeper understanding of your business, make shrewd decisions and gain competitive advantage. 

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Business Process Management (Automation)

Technologies will not do all the work - nothing can replace your own ideas, creativity, and experience. Concentrate on tasks at which you are best, and automatize repeatable and routine processes in the ERP system.

Thanks to the Business Process Management functionalities in Comarch ERP systems, you will optimize and automate business processes in your companies. The program is a result of 25 years of Comarch’s experience in Polish and other markets, which will allow you to make use of predefined processes that can easily be modified according to the needs of your company.

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Business process management

Data security

The more active your company is, the more hazards it faces. Unfortunately, losing data as a result of a cyber-attack or human error is not infrequent.  Thanks to Comarch IBARD, your digitized data will always be available in the form of backup copies secured by the best defense mechanisms of the innovative and secure Comarch Data Centers in Poland, France, and Germany.

Comarch ERP software also guarantees full compliance with all binding regulations, such as SAF-T, split payment and GDPR. We follow all legislative developments and update our software regularly to help your company operate in harmony with the most recent regulations.

Secure data storage and synchronization - Comarch IBARD

Data security - certified cloud backup and storage


Minute details are often deciding factors in the business success of your company. That is why we treat them with the same mindfulness as we do the biggest, global processes.

Efficient and quick document circulation and accurate monitoring of working time allow your company to operate efficiently and flawlessly by guaranteeing the timely signing of agreements or payment of invoices and establishing whether your employees work in accordance with their contract. 

Forget about digging through piles of documents or punching a time clock: thanks to digitization, you will carry out task more economically and quickly.

Efficient document management system

Electronic time and attendance registration (TNA)
Document management system - ico infographix

Cloud - Hosting, SaaS, PaaS, XaaS

Cloud technologies delivered by a reliable, verified provider guarantee their user convenient and secure access to data from any device at any time of the day. We provide our clients with access to hosting services and the use of software in the SaaS (software as a service - available via the Internet on our servers), PaaS (platform as a service) and XaaS (anything as a service) models

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The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) facilitates wireless communication between different devices for consumers (household articles, electronic devices, lighting and transport[AC1] ) and enterprises (production equipment and positioning appliances).

The primary goal of IoT is to create an intelligent environment - composed of homes, cities, production halls, health services and infrastructure - which could single-handedly make relevant decisions on the basis of received information, thanks to which time, space, and resources are used more effectively.
Internet of thing - Comarch ERP

Omnichannel (E-commerce)

Today, managing sales and communication with customers online is as natural as running a physical store. Most of us shop online or at least search for information and compare offers on the Internet before finalizing a purchase offline.

To provide your customers with a complete, modern shopping experience, you need to make sure that all communication channels are integrated, following the concept of omnichannel - regardless of whether contact with your brand is made at a physical point of sale, on a mobile device, on a website, or even on video game consoles or smart TV.

E-commerce according to Comarch

Comprehensive retail solutions by Comarch

Omnichannel - next level of multichannel sales - Comarch

See How You May Digitize Your Business with Comarch

Digitization in Manufacturing

As a necessity in manufacturing companies, digitization may be achieved by the combination of manufacturing and the Internet. Its essential aspect is the practical implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept, which assumes the creation of intelligent factories in which machines, devices and IT systems communicate with one another, and where processes are constantly updated on the basis of large amounts of data. At Comarch, we address all challenges related to digitization in manufacturing.

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Voice Communication and Chatbots

Ask your computer directly about the most important issues in your company, using written or spoken input, and get an immediate response. The system will tell you how much you earned today, which product sells best, and which orders are priority for completion. You may give it instructions, and it will follow them without hesitation.

Your virtual assistant constantly learns. On the basis of each conversation, it broadens its knowledge to give you more accurate answers in the future.

Digitization in Retail

A study we conducted together with the IDC company indicates that as many as 43% of people in the European Union shop online. Simultaneously, around 50% of interactions with customer service will be made on the Internet in 2018. Digitization in retail, implemented in accordance with the omnichannel strategy, is an urgent necessity for all entrepreneurs who do not want to lose their competitive advantage.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) refers to applications combining the real world with images or sounds generated by a computer. The purpose of this technology is not only to entertain, but also to support business. Thanks to augmented reality, you may display detailed information or different versions of a specific product on your customer’s smartphone, remotely guide a warehouse operative, or perform simulated product loading.

 While shopping in your online store, a customer will not have to imagine how a given piece of furniture would look in their home, or think about whether a suit will fit them. Thanks to AR, a customer may see all this with their own eyes - with no need to leave their home.