Digital transformation in retail

How does Digitization Influence Customer Acquisition?

As technologies develop faster and faster, customers want to have access to a given brand’s offer both traditionally, by going to a physical store, and virtually, with the use of e-shops and mobile applications. Whatever the channel, all offers should be consistent with regard to available products and ongoing promotions. Thanks to digitization, it is possible to centralize the management of the whole retail chain and, as a result, implement the omnichannel strategy. Comarch is a provider of comprehensive solutions aimed at customer acquisition and the development of relationships with customers through an omnichannel-based, consistent shopping experience.

Chain Store Management

Comarch ERP systems support business management on the level of sales locations (shops and other points of physical sale). They enable demand analysis, tracking of available stock levels, cooperation with vendors in order to get the best purchase offers possible, and performance of manufacturing processes if a company is able to manufacture a given product. Based on experience and delineated sales and purchase budgets, managers responsible for sales determine prices and release items for circulation in all sales channels handled by a company.

Campaign Management

Thanks to this solution, market analysis is possible to establish which products are in demand, and the level of that demand. The results of such analysis become the basis for campaigns, where we specify customer groups which we want to reach with our product.

POS and Mobile POS

In many areas of the retail market, the physical store remains the basic sales channel, where customers can discover products. Comarch provides at least two tools which may be used in physical stores: Comarch Retail POS and Comarch Mobile mPOS. Comarch Retail POS is an innovative solution supporting work at a point of sale, containing all functions which may be required in a physical store - from taking receipt of a delivery, through customer service (e.g. checking the price and availability of a given model), and completing the sales process, to making an inventory in a given store. Comarch Mobile mPOS is a solution dedicated mainly to pop-up stores. Using a smartphone connected to a mobile receipt printer and a mobile payment card terminal, a salesperson may go through the whole process of customer service, then simply put all devices in their pocket and take them home at the end of the day.

Omnichannel Sales

This combined group of IT tools facilitates the smooth and efficient management of multiple activities through which companies provide customers with possibilities to buy their products. Omnichannel makes it possible to plan product quantities for sale and collect orders from different channels and forms (regular shops, e-commerce, phone orders, partnership programs, etc.). Data retrieved from such activities feed into the manufacturing and warehousing systems, and provide the basis for analytics in these areas, aiming to guarantee enough resources to cover the current demand and gain profit out of completed transactions. These tools are the heart of the whole sales process.

Customer Service

This consists of solutions enabling the opening of such contact channels as e-mail, telephone, or different kinds of chat. All contacts and queries from customers may be registered automatically, on the basis of which a salesperson may help a customer understand a need generated by a given product. If need be, a customer may report their reservations about a purchased item.

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic data interchange finds its primary application in wholesale trade, but its assets are more and more frequently required in cooperation with retail customers. For instance, the need for customers to keep printed receipts may be eliminated when they can receive electronic versions which can be stored (for example, in the cloud) with the use of Comarch IBARD.

E-commerce B2C & B2B

These days, the Internet is a necessary sales channel. A study conducted by IDC and Comarch indicates that as many as 43% of the EU population shops online. Comarch provides solutions supporting sales to B2C retail customers (Comarch e-Shop, and B2B wholesale customers (Comarch B2B). Also, as we observe the blurring of the border between B2B and B2C, the functionalities of these applications often overlap.

Business Intelligence & Business Process Management

All business processes are supported by tools which enable such activities as budgeting and the analysis of all KPIs in a company, allowing managers to make decisions aimed at increasing sales and company profits while simultaneously lowering costs. Automation and company process management are other important aspects, both of which are elements of our retail solutions.

Loyalty Management, Customer Engagement and Social Mining

The main purpose of these solutions is to maintain relationships with customers who have purchased our products. We define loyalty programs for them, directly engage them in building relationships with us or other potential or current customers, and analyze their behavior on the Internet, using different kinds of social networking channels. An important aim of these solutions is also to encourage customers to purchase our products again or to recommend them to others.

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