Nowadays, information about customers gathered by a company, as well as ability to efficiently process and use it, more often enables enterprises to listen attentively to customers’ needs. Such approach allows a company to build well-considered and long-term strategy, which constantly precedes expectations of its customers.  

In Comarch ERP Altum, such approach is possible owing to the use of built-in Business Intelligence tools and automation of processes (BPM). The system collects and analyzes information about, e.g. customer’s loyalty, efficiency of sales representative’s work and effectiveness of particular sales activities. Owing to automation of processes, Comarch ERP Altum ensures that a specific message is sent to appropriate person in a company along with ready-to-use information what actions should be taken with regard to situation that occurred.


Organized customer supervision 

In Comarch ERP Altum, a company owner is in full control of the entire process of customer service. Assigning individual customers to employees and determining contact persons for customers allows for managing relations with customers in a clear and organized manner. Owing to Comarch Mobile Sales application, mobile employees can conduct direct sales at customer’s location from the level of a mobile device as well as manage support for him or her.  

In order to get complete information on, e.g. customer’s satisfaction or perspectives for further cooperation, you can create your own questionnaires. Thanks to collected responses, a company can automate some activities. 

How does it work? Questionnaires demonstrated dissatisfaction of Customer A with quality of an item. A sales manager automatically receives such information along with prepared solution what steps should be taken: “Direct a sales representative to Customer A and grant him or her 20% discount”.


Plan and control your sales activities 

Comarch ERP Altum enables complete maintenance of relations with customers and business partners, from registering of data to recording of conversations and actions referring to gaining a customer and providing support for him or her. 

An enterprise can determine sales stages, e.g. sending e-mail, arranging a visit, negotiating and concluding transaction, as well as automate the entire process fully or partially. At each stage it is possible to assign responsible persons, specify deadlines as well as define specific tasks and activities to perform. Owing to CRM, sales representative always have access to history of contacts with customer, know about his or her needs and problems. 

How does it work? Owing to Business Intelligence analyses, information collected in such way provides answers to questions such as: what is the probability of gaining a given customer, how the customer evaluates quality of our products, etc.


Task planning 

Appropriate organization of the work of employees and proper granting and prioritizing of tasks translates directly into enterprise’s efficiency. In Comarch ERP Altum, a company can: 

Define tasks and assign them to individual employees 

Group tasks in any categories 

Determine priorities for specific tasks and their deadlines 

How does it work? Owing to Business Intelligence analyses, a company may specify, among others, employee profiles (multi-task, dealing well with emergency situations) as well as performance and efficiency of their work. 

Thanks to Comarch Mobile Management application, it is also possible to comprehensively manage the work of mobile employees from smartphone or tablet level. 


Direct work with customer 

To make it possible for regional sales managers to manage sales away from their standard workplace and for mobile employees to facilitate and improve their work with customers, we developed Comarch Mobile Management and Comarch Mobile Sales applications.  

The application for sales managers enables scheduling sales representatives’ visits, tracking and analyzing routes they traveled, easy communication thanks to application of intuitive messenger, and access to the list of regions, employees, customers and vendors. 

The application for mobile employees provides access to full sales offer, history of contacts with customers, transactions and payments as well as enables conducting direct sales at customer’s location from mobile device level. 


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