BP Global

" Thanks to the fact the Comarch Intelligence regularly provides the necessary reports, we can have full insight into the company situation during weekly meetings of station managers. This allows us to easier identify and prevent undesirable phenomena as well as to take advantage of all opportunities as they arise. Thanks to implementation of the Comarch Business Intelligence platform, we are able to perform the task of managing a petrol station network while focusing on making the right decisions instead of making periodic reports." - BP Global

BP Poland

"From the very beginning of the project – its initial phases – the Comarch design team had a highly substantive contribution towards creation of the final solution. At the later stages of the project, construction, then implementation and implementation support, it gained our recognition for professionalism, swiftness of response and quality of the provided system element. The project was completed on time and within the assumed budget, it won exceptionally high ratings in the station and customer satisfaction surveys and it contributes to improving financial results of the BP stations in Poland." - BP Poland

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

"Supplier has fulfilled all entrusted tasks in accordance with our business objectives. We are satisfied with cooperation and engagement of CA CONSULTING implementation team – Comarch Group partner. Looking at provided solution in perspective, we can recommend with complete confidence that delivered system has succeed as an analytical tool in our company and effectively support the work of BGK’s analysts." - Andrzej Ladko, Vice-president of the Management Board

Skagen Funds

In September 2011 Comarch has successfully finished building and implementing Comarch Client Reporting and Communication System for Skagen Funds. The aim of the project was to provide Skagen’s individual and institutional clients in several countries with the best class reporting platform that provides up to date information about their investments. As a result of the project all the communication between clients and their advisors is now provided through a web portal available via various communication channels.

Japan Tobacco International

"We are fully satisfied for technical solution which was done by Comarch BI team, as all of our expectations and goals were met. Also, we would like to thank the BI Data Science team for their engagement and effort." - Oguzhan Kestik Process Analyst Manager


‘’The Comarch Business Intelligence Platform gave us the possibility to focus on a basic activity of Rovese, making right decision based on proper information, identifying and eliminating weaknesses and threads, instead of preparing.’’ - Marcin Falkiewicz, IT Application Department

DnB Nord Bank

‘’Specialists in the field of analytical systems engineering attentively listened to me and understood me. I believe that this this understanding of nuances, as well as willingness to follow an unconventional train of thought are a great advantage of cooperation with Comarch.“ - Konrad Juszczuk, Managerial Information Team Manager at the Strategic Development and Controlling Department


‘’We expect that the data warehouse will allows us to decrease illegal electricity consumption by about 20% – that is sheer profit. We also improve profitability of debt collection. Soon we will be implementing mechanisms for data drilling and anomaly detection, embedded in Microsoft® SQL Server 2005.’’ - Adam Borek, Chief IT Expert


‘’The fundamental benefit of the implementation was streamlining of processes related to generation of stock exchange reports. Yet, by the way, we generated reports concerning the on-going operations of the company, including balance and flow statement. The board obtained up-to-date information about the situation of the companies.’’ - Tomasz Stefaniak, ERP Manager

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