Comarch Health is forever changing the way doctors treat their patients. Seizing opportunities offered by machine learning, the healthcare industry will never be the same. Our intelligent algorithms can correlate and search for connections on their own with zero manual intervention – making our telemedicine solutions possible.  


Remote Patient Monitoring System – Powered by AI

Connecting providers to the information they need outside of the exam room while empowering patients to take an active role in their care.

The Comarch Medical Analysis Platform (CMAP) streamlines medical processes. A one of a kind central platform based on advanced learning algorithms provides multidimensional solutions in diagnostics and the management of medical facilities. The algorithms on which CMAP is based process massive amounts of data and select only information of interest to a given doctor.

Intelligent selection of medical records enables the entire monitoring process to be carried out remotely. Self-learning algorithms help to find dependencies in Electronic Medical Documentation (EDM) and are essential in the long-term monitoring of a patient’s condition (reading ECG, etc.). Thanks to machine learning, our system extracts only those crucial pieces of the reading indicating cardiac abnormalities, and immediately sends the information to the doctor.

Products Powered by AI:

Comarch Remote Patient Monitoring System

Comarch CardioVest

Comarch CardioVest uses machine learning to analyze ECG recordings and detect cardiac disorders… automatically.

Comarch Teleholter

Comarch Teleholter enables remote Holter testing and uses machine learning to analyze the results.

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