Winner of Forbes Diamonds Controls Document Flow, Courier Shipments and Fault Repairs with Comarch DMS

"Forbes Diamonds" is an annual ranking of those companies operating in Poland, which in the last three years increased their value the fastest. When drawing up the prestigious list of companies, account was taken of their valuation, financial results, payment history and size of assets. In 2020, porcelain stoneware and clinker tile producer Cerrad Sp. Z o. o., which has more than 20 years of experience on the market, was among the winners. The year 2019 was a time of change and development for the company, which resulted in its gaining distinction for the second time in this important, nationwide ranking.

Transparent flow of invoices and courier shipments

Cerrad owes its market success to a consistently implemented development strategy through investments in infrastructure and technology. An example of the latter is the implementation of the Comarch DMS application, a tool that allows users to easily model various types of processes including workflow schemes and document templates. At Cerrad it is used in many areas, such as finance, HR and administration, organizing documents, pinpointing the stage those documents are at, and indicating whether there is a need for approval from the employee assigned to the documentation.

- Comarch DMS eliminated errors related to document-flow processes. For example, in the area of purchase invoices, the transition from paper to digital circulation has significantly accelerated and the internal acceptance of invoices has become ordered. An invoice goes to the secretary's office, then it is scanned into the DMS system and a description of costs is initiated. The next stages are related to checking the accuracy of the description. After approval, it goes to accounting, management, and finally to the finance department, so that payments can be made. Each step is assigned to specific people who receive a notification about the action required of them. The management board can also easily see the stage at which a given document stands, and whether it is held up, explains Paweł Wieruszewski, IT Department Manager at Cerrad.

However, Comarch DMS, does not only monitor the flow of invoices. It also provides considerable assistance with everyday, time-consuming issues such as courier shipments. As part of the flow process created in Comarch DMS, an employee ordering a shipment supplies additional information about its type (whether it is a package, a letter or a pallet), and adds the addressee’s details (there is an option to easily define internal shipments to another branch). In the next step, the document reaches the logistics department, which orders the courier and attaches the package tracking link.

Create a flow process for your company

What distinguishes the Comarch DMS application is the ease and intuitiveness by which processes can be modeled, meaning they can be tailored to the individual requirements of the company. In the graphical editor, after entering the next stages, a diagram is built of blocks connected by arrows specifying the direction of workflow. Access rights are defined at every stage of the flow process.  Permissions can be narrowed down to a specific employee, a group of employees holding the same position or a group working in a given department. In this way, Cerrad created flows that allow applications for employment and fault reports to be processed efficiently.

- In the case of applications for employment, the person responsible for this submits an application for a new employee in the system, supplying a number of additional pieces of information about the requirements to be met by the candidate. Then, after approval of decision-makers, the application goes to the HR department and in parallel to the IT department (if a new employee requires equipment such as a telephone or laptop). After selecting the candidate, information about the contract is entered into the system and the supervisor is informed, explains Paweł Wieruszewski.

- In the second flow process prepared by Cerrad, about fault reports, if someone detects a failure, they report it to the system and describe the problem and its location. You can also easily add a photograph illustrating the fault in the initial step. Then, the flow goes to the employees responsible for repair. If it is necessary for intervention from external specialists, it is easy to associate an invoice for such activity. Everything can be seen is in one place, in an ordered manner, and the process of repair requests and fulfillment is significantly accelerated, continues Paweł Wieruszewski, responsible for the IT department at Cerrad.

Simple tracking of the effects of development meetings

The company's success would not have been possible without a motivated team aware of its goals. Comarch DMS supports the company in this area, enabling the results of employee development meetings to be tracked. The flow process allows managers to engage in talks with employees, assessing their current work, strengths and development directions. Applications, goals and their implementation can then be marked in the system, at the selected step. Depending on the appropriate business decision, superiors and employees may be entitled to view the steps. Then, the document goes to the HR department archive and is easy to find at the next meeting.

Comarch DMS contributed to the development of Cerrad by significantly improving document circulation processes, increasing the security of document storage, and enabling work to be carried out on them from anywhere with internet access providing a reminder system for employees responsible for specific steps, and this was not without significance.

It greatly accelerated the acceptance processes and the possibility of defining required workflows.

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