English Version of Comarch ERP Optima is Now Available

English Version of Comarch ERP Optima is Now Available

Comarch ERP Optima system is now available in English. The new functionality has been introduced to meet the needs of both Polish and non-Polish entrepreneurs who operate within an international and multilingual environment.

The English version of the software is available as part of the basic license and can be used for no additional fees. To display the English interface, the user only needs to select a dedicated icon.

Comarch ERP Optima is the most popular financial and accounting system in Poland. Currently, it is used by nearly 80 000 companies from a range of different sectors such as trade, industry and production, as well as by accounting specialists and tax advisors. The system is constantly developed and adjusted to changing business models in accordance with the Internet of Things and economy digitization trends. A few years ago, the system’s producer launched an online platform, Comarch ERP Community, where the partners, clients, and employees of the Kraków-based IT company share their knowledge and experience with other users, review Comarch systems and submit ideas for their development. The bilingual version of Comarch ERP Optima was the result of one such suggestion.

“Our clients suggested that it was necessary to create an English version of Comarch ERP Optima system. Many international companies run their businesses in Poland, employing people from both Poland and other countries in their subsidiaries. What’s more, the managers or owners of such enterprises do not always speak Polish fluently enough to supervise and control processes performed with the use of IT systems. The bilingual versions of financial and accounting software make it much easier to communicate in an international business environment”, says Tomasz Homel, Director of the Department of Comarch ERP systems for small and medium-size enterprises.

Switching the program’s interface to English is simple and intuitive. All the user needs to do is click the icon “Interface language” - after that, the interface will be displayed in English. English translations are available for all regular content of the program, including the names of menu objects, windows, columns, and buttons, as well as field descriptions and notification texts.

The English version of Comarch ERP Optima is available at no additional cost to all users, regardless of whether they use a stationary or cloud-based version of the system.

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