Openness and Flexibility

Thanks to the applied technology, Comarch ERP Altum can be fully adjusted to the needs of not only an industry of a company, but also to particular subsidiaries and employees. Owing to TrueAPI mechanism, it is possible to create flexibly functional extensions and additional solutions cooperating with the Platform. TrueAPI enables both modification of standard functionalities and addition of new ones. The mechanism ensures also easy integration with external applications.

Comarch ERP Altum is also distinguished by its high ergonomics and intuitive interface. Owing to the option of personalizing the layout and behavior of the menu and document forms, users may individually prepare their work environment which most closely reflects their habits and expectations. The comfort of work achieved in this way contributes to better efficiency.



Latest technology

Comarch ERP Altum has been created with the use of Microsoft.NET technology and a database server – Microsoft SQL Server. Owing to that, its functionality can be easily adjusted and personalized to individual business requirements. Innovativeness of Comarch ERP Altum platform is acknowledged by multiple awards the system had received: 

  • Comarch ERP Altum was recognized in 2011 as an innovative product in Poland by the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Science
  • Gartner’s award - victory in the Best Solution Provider category at the Gartner IT Channel Vision Europe 2008 conference
  • Two awards received at CEBIT trade fairs in Hannover - Comarch ERP Altum received Innovationspreis 2008 and 2009 in “The most innovative system of ERP class” category
  • Microsoft award - Comarch ERP Altum was the winner of ISV/Software Solution category at Microsoft Partner Program Awards 2008 conference

Opinion of the solution’s innovative nature issued by Cracow University of Economics.


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