Multi-company approach

Comarch ERP Altum works fine in flat, one-subsidiary companies as well as in those with dispersed structure.

However, what definitely distinguishes Comarch ERP Altum from among other systems available on the market is the possibility of running many companies with one software. The multi-company approach is based on two assumptions: centralized management of all the companies operating under a holding company and the management of each of them separately.

Comarch ERP Altum platform is intended for international market, where, as in Poland, it is being implemented in enterprises of complex and multi-company structure. An example of such company is, among others, a well-known French company Chrétien. This enterprise manages several own, independent companies within one system - Comarch ERP Altum.


Centralized management of a holding company

A multi-company approach is based in Comarch ERP Altum on structure in which one of the entities is dominant and subordinates the other companies operating within an associated group of companies.  In Comarch ERP Altum, a parent company may also carry out operating activities or act only as a centralized administrator of other entities under a holding company.

How does it work? In multi-company structure, a parent enterprise manages centrally the entire holding company and therefore has access to all data of the subordinate companies, grants access and permissions to other units as well as determines the type and scope of relations between them.



Independent management of each of the companies

A multi-company approach in Comarch ERP Altum allows for managing each of the companies individually within one system. Such model can be used owing to separated data relating to particular fields of activities of the companies, for instance, the area of accounting, finances, logistics, sales, CRM, etc. A given enterprise has access only to information connected with its own activity, unless otherwise specified by an administrator. 

How does it work? Two companies, operating under a holding company, are running two types of businesses. The company A sells auto parts, whereas the company B - building materials. Both companies keep their books and carry out logistics and sales transactions independently in one system, which is not visible to one another.


Flexible linking of companies

Holding companies have less or more distinct links between their companies. In response to these needs, Comarch ERP Altum provides the possibility of linking the companies within business activities which are common for both units, for instance, a common warehouse, common lists of items and customers. 

How does it work? The company A sells beauty products, whereas the company B - pharmaceutical products. Both companies have access to the same warehouse, because the beauty products and pharmaceuticals are stored in one place. The companies A and B share, additionally, the same list of customers in the system, because they sell part of their articles to the same group of recipients.


Automation of processes and Business Intelligence in multi-company structure

Comarch ERP Altum allows for reducing a holding company’s operating costs by automating the (BPM) processes taken place among the companies.

How does it work? The companies A and B operate under a holding company. The company A has purchased the goods from the company B. When issuing a sales invoice, the system automatically generates a purchase invoice for the company B, streamlining absolutely the transaction between the entities.

With Business Intelligence tools, a holding company may take strategic decisions taking into account all entities from the perspective of a whole organization. 

How does it work? A parent company accumulates all the data on its subordinate companies and analyzes centrally their activities. A holding company may in one place keep track of achieved sales targets and debts of the companies, analyze the cause of operating expenses increase as well as forecast the growth of the entire organization.


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