Comarch ERP Altum is a Polish ERP solution being developed for the benefit of international markets. The platform is implemented, among others, in Poland, France, Germany, and Denmark. Comarch ERP Altum can be adjusted to the specifics of foreign markets thanks to the applied latest technology which guarantees strict integration, staying at the same time open to external solutions. 

Owing to the functionalities already implemented in response to the specifics of business activities conducted in other countries, Comarch ERP Altum is a comprehensive solution that can be implemented seamlessly and fully adjusted to managing international companies, among others, from France, Spain and Germany.

The prestigious companies who use the platform, such as: Auchan, Chrétien or Brodr. Jorgensen acknowledge the success of Comarch ERP Altum in the international area.


Possibility of adjusting the Platform to the specification of almost every market

Thanks to the applied technology, Comarch ERP Altum can be fully adjusted to the needs of not only an industry of a company, but also to the specifics of nearly each foreign market. Owing to TrueAPI mechanism, it is possible to flexibly create functional extensions and additional solutions cooperating with the Platform. TrueAPI enables both modification of standard functionalities and addition of new ones. The mechanism ensures also easy integration with external applications.

How does it work? Openness of the system allows for adjusting easily the Platform, among others, to legal regulations, document templates or accounting principles applicable in a given country.


Additional functions for foreign markets

Comarch ERP Altum delivers functionalities which adjust the system to specific conditions of running a business activity, for instance, in Germany or France. This guarantees smooth and problem-free implementation of the system even in companies with complex structure, the example of which is a prestigious company Chrétien. This French enterprise runs several own, independent companies with the help of one system - Comarch ERP Altum. Read more >>

How does it work? Thanks to such functionalities as, for instance, the AVCO method of inventory valuation, calculation of payment deadline of “End of Month” type or terms feature, Comarch ERP Altum is very well-suited for French companies. The system enables also presentation of the chart of accounts, which is completely compatible with the existing regulations in a given country and owing to, among others, the integration with DATEV, the Platform is a ready-to-use solution for German companies.


Multi-language approach and convenience of working

Comarch ERP Altum is a multi-language solution, adjusted to specification of international companies. The Platform is available in four language versions: Polish, English, German, and French. A great advantage of the system is the convenience of working in international environment.

How does it work? An enterprise using the Platform does not have to set any additional parameters. It suffices to select a country and Comarch ERP Altum will automatically adjust to specificity of the selected market by setting, among others, appropriate tax rates, language, system currency or inventory valuation method applicable for a given country. 


Multi-currency approach 

Comarch ERP Altum is very well-suited for companies offering their products for foreign markets, where transactions are concluded in various currencies.

The Platform enables carrying out and clearing foreign currency transactions and smooth calculation of exchange rate differences. Exchange rate difference documents are created automatically and can also be posted automatically to appropriate accounts with the use of posting schemes. Currency exchange rates are updated on a current basis based on the data retrieved from the European Central Bank.


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