Business Cases

BI In-memory

The idea of using a computer's operating memory (RAM) to store data and perform calculations is not a new one. As early as 2000, Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, delivered a speech at an Intel conference where he stated that his company wanted to put the contents of the entire Internet on a computer's operating memory.

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Social media in today's world

Nowadays, social media are an extremely important and flexible channel through which companies can contact the customers. This is where information on the current promotions, events, or new products are published. The more effectively this tool is used, the greater the need for comprehensive analysis of the users’ feedback.

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In pursuit of the competition

Acceleration of processes occurring in companies resulted in development of the methods used to examine the prices of the competitors. In the current business reality, the best decisions require access to the most up-to-date information. This allows the company to be a step ahead of its competitors in completion of specific goals.

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The art of intelligence in medicine

A medical facility is a business. Regardless of its size, structure or owner, the rules of managing one are the same as in business projects from other industries. Proper management of a medical facility entails understanding the profitability of individual aspects of operation, analysis of returns on investments, proper assessment of the results.

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Geospacial Analysis

More than 80% of all data now has location component in most cases are not being used for visualization and analysis of geolocation. Geospatial analysis explore relationship of data elements that can be tied to a geographic location. Each element has specific feature and attributes that can be managed and stored in a spatially enabled relation database, then analyzed to identify trends not easily seen through traditional analysis, such as proximity and coincidence of events and assets.

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Return on Investment in Business Intelligence

Many companies face the dilemma of making the right investment decision regarding new Business Intelligence solutions. A common concern are the initial costs required for such implementations, instead of the benefits they offer. Experience shows that in many such cases the companies forget about the business needs, which were what caused the interest in analytical solutions in the first place.

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Discover knowledge from data

In today’s world, one of the greatest challenges for companies is dynamic growth of the amount of data they store and analyse. This situation makes traditional analyses of the ever-growing data collections difficult, sometimes even impossible.

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