Water-Supply Companies

The sector solution for water-supply companies is a package of specialized IT tools that assist management by taking very detailed account of the specificities of the sector. The comprehensive and integrated solutions for this group of companies provide a series of solutions that ensure a high standard of customer service and comfortable user-interaction.

As part of the dedicated ERP class of solutions known as Comarch ERP Egeria there is, among others, the billing module which settles water supply and liquid waste removal charges. It provides an automatic customer-invoice settlement service. It does this by managing meter-readings and the automatic sales-document generation function. For managing the water-supply infrastructure the system has the functionality to record information from measuring instruments, recording and registering water sources, water connections and buildings supplied. Depending on customer needs, the system’s functions can be extended with elements of the GIS system. The system functions specific to the entire utility sector include: Finance and Accounting, Fixed Assets, Warehouse Management and Delivery, Personnel Records, Payroll, other Sales.
Comarch water-supply companies