Heat Generating Companies

Comarch’s proposal for heat generating companies is a fully-integrated and comprehensive solution based on long-term experience in the sector.

Among the dedicated ERP system solutions known as Comarch ERP Egeria is the Heat Billing component, which automates meter-reading and sales-document generation. Within its infrastructure-management capacities the system has the functionality to monitor and record measuring instrument readings, heat sources (boiler rooms and individual boilers), heat-distribution centers, invoice-settlement points and the buildings being supplied with heating. When fully integrated with the renovation services module it enables maintenance and repair work to be planned. Depending on customer needs, the system can be extended to include GIS system elements, which are tools that can model the way the system works and can model simulation analyses taking into account multiple power supply/feed system modification variables. The system functions specific to the entire utility sector include: Finance and Accounting, Fixed Assets, Warehouse Management and Delivery, Personnel Records, Payroll, other Sales.
Comarch system for heat generating companies