2018 Financial reports

Annual consolidated financial statement of Comarch Group

RS 2018.pdf (4 271 kB) (excluding non-financial data report)

Report of Auditor.pdf (136 kB)

Annual financial statement of Comarch S.A.

SAR 2018.pdf (2 947 kB) (excluding non-financial data report)

Report of Auditor.pdf (135 kB)

Non-Financial Data Report of Comarch S.A. and Comarch Group

Non-Financial Data Report 2018 (57MB)

Consolidated half-year report of Comarch Group

PSr 1 2018.pdf (3307kB)


Consolidated quarterly reports of Comarch Group

QSr 1 2018.pdf (1638kB)

QSr 3 2018.pdf (1941kB)

QSr 4 2018.pdf (1958 kB)