21.12.2015, Other

Comarch announced number 1 in the Index of Polish Business Patriotism among quoted companies

02.01.2014, Other

Comarch wins UPnP Forum Outstanding Contribution Award

UPnP Forum recognized Comarch with Outstanding Contribution Awards 2013. Comarch received two awards: one for Grzegorz Kafel, Consulting Manager at Cloud, Connectivity and Mobility Business Unit and the other one for Comarch as a company. With the awards, the organization recognizes the most actively participating and contributing members that influence the strength and viability of UPnP Forum. The awards confirm Comarch’s expertise in the area of certification management and proactive approach in the innovative areas such as digital services introduction.

16.08.2013, Other

Comarch, the sponsor of the year

16.08.2013, Other

Comarch was awarded the CSR Silver Leaf in the “Polityka” 500 List.

16.08.2013, Other

Comarch, the most innovative company in the ICT sector according to the Polish Academy of Sciences.

16.08.2013, Other

Comarch, the most innovative company in the “Rzeczpospolita” ranking.

16.08.2013, Other

Comarch in the prestigious Truffle ranking

The Truffle ranking presents one hundred of the beat European IT leaders.

16.08.2013, Other

Comarch won “The Company of the 15th Anniversary” statuette of the CRN magazine

23.06.2013, Other

IEEE Communications Society Award for Professor Janusz Filipiak

The founder and CEO of Comarch SA, Professor Janusz Filipiak was awarded the IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Industry Leader Award for 2012.

06.06.2013, Other

Golden Website award for Comarch

Comarch’s website won the Golden Website VI contest in the category of sWIG80 companies. In the second stage of the contest, Comarch scored the maximum number of points among all the websites in the contest.

31.05.2013, Other

2012 IBM Partner Of The Year Award

Comarch has been awarded a 2012 IBM Partner of the Year in recognition of high level of sales of IBM solutions for SOHO market.

14.05.2013, Other

Comarch M2M Platform Wins Pipeline's 2013 Innovation Award

Comarch, a global software house and system integrator, today announced that its M2M Platform was honored with the Pipeline’s 2013 Innovation Award for ‘Innovation in Connectivity’. Comarch has been recognized for M2M solutions that enable mobile operators to provide ‘Intelligent Connectivity’ and to succeed in the M2M market.