Comarch’s solutions are revolutionizing the telecommunications industry with the use of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. We make the management of network infrastructure, service quality, and IoT analytics simple.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are quickly becoming an industry standard. As networks evolve and increasing in complexity, transmitting more data than ever before, telecom operators are forced to become ever bolder and implement AI & ML based solution.

Fifth generation networks (5G), the Internet of Things (IoT) and network function virtualization (NFV), and a slew of other complex dependencies have made it difficult and extremely expensive to handle manually. Comarch’s AI & ML algorithms help make telecommunications easy.

Quickly detect network errors

Diagnose incidents

Fix faults

Proactively identify potential problems

Products Powered by AI:

Comarch Intelligent Assurance & Analytics

Increase the speed of detection and repair of network faults, and implement a holistic solution that monitors all aspects of network operation, allowing you to fix faults before they arise and are noticed by the client.

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Comarch Field Service Management

Implement predictive and preventive maintenance in mobile workforce management using a modern platform equipped with intelligent algorithms which combines the Comarch IoT Platform and Comarch Field Service Management.

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Comarch IoT Analytics Platform

Use big data analytics that utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand how users work with your IoT devices.

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