Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming the financial sector

Artificial intelligence can also be used in finance for point-based credit risk assessments based on   behavioral data, customer transaction history or activity on social media - especially in the context of the PSD2 directive that allows data to be collected from different sources. Deep learning mechanisms enable searches of larger and more dynamic data collections and sources to predict whether loans will be repaid regularly. The Comarch Loan Origination system will be useful in this respect.

Systems that learn from historical data are also used in the financial industry to suggest the best-matched products based on personal, financial and behavioral profiles, and on customer risk profiles. Moreover, it is possible not only to adapt the offer to different needs and objectives, but also to predict them. Comarch Wealth Management, which is an asset management system for the private banking segment - wealthy individuals, business customers and retail customers - operates on this basis.

Products Powered by AI:

Comarch Anti-Money Laundering

Monitor transactions with unprecedented speed and accuracy while keeping false alarms to a minimum.

Comarch Loan Origination

Evaluate creditworthiness based on behavioral data or customer transaction history.

Comarch Wealth Management

Provide suggestions and hints for the best products based on personal and financial profiles, or on customer risk profiles.

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