Customer Service

Comarch Contact Centre

A modern Contact Centre is more than just an employee providing answers to client’s basic questions. It is the primary point of contact between the organisation and the customer. The type of support offered by Contact Centre determines how the organisation itself is perceived by its customers. Comarch Contact Centre is a comprehensive package of measures designed to support customer relationship management and communication inside the organisation as well as many other business plans. The solution facilitates efficient management of information within the company and allows the user to optimise the customer service process using customer owned systems.

Comarch's solution is a coherent platform for ICT, which can include the following:

  • Speech recognition and voice biometrics (identification and verification)
  • One multimedia queue, covering all communication channels
  • The ability to integrate with business applications such as ERP or CRM
  • Registration of conversations and screens for security management and evaluation of agents or training
  • Integration with social media
  • Optimisation of agents’ time and flow control
  • Monitoring of quality and measurement of customer satisfaction

Comarch Contact Centre in service Model

Comarch Contact Centre can also be available in the service model, allowing the customer to use the resources hosted at the Comarch Data Centre. The client receives access to the infrastructure and a required number of Contact Centre agent stations (IP phone license CC, CC Agent application and headphones). As part of the implementation, Comarch can provide a secure encrypted internet connection. The solution is characterised by scalability and therefore it can be easily adjusted to the current needs of the client.


  • Improved communication within the company and with external contacts (customers, partners)
  • Organised and simplified flow of information within the company
  • Reduced costs by eliminating unnecessary travel, reduction in telecommunication costs, reduction of the cost of customer service
  • Increased employee productivity thanks to quick access to customer data, assistance of experts within the organisation, or the continuous monitoring of the level of service
  • A knowledge base - all interactions with customers can be recorded, including ways of solving difficult cases. As a result, agents can respond to unusual situations regarding communication with the customer in a faster and more efficient way, which will improve customer service and facilitate access to distributed information and centralised communication within the company
  • Scalability - the ability to extend the system with additional components and services
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