Business Intelligence for Retail and Wholesale

The retail sector uses Business Intelligence solutions to create a market expansion strategy, predict changing customer needs and optimise product sales and inventory. Comarch Business Intelligence supports retail and distribution in decision making aimed at growing your business and building a unique competitive advantage in a challenging retail market.

Retail Analytics

Sales analysis is one of the most important reporting elements in each company. Retail analytics support all main aspects of your business – marketing, merchandising, operations, supply chain, finance etc. All sales data is centralised in one place from which you can measure your sales network performance, stock rotation, retail-related KPI’s, margins and marketing campaigns.

By monitoring sales patterns in different distribution channels and in different dimensions (products, services, regions, time periods, etc.) you can generate predictive reports forecasting sales in order to optimise the supply chain and focus efficiently on an individual customer. As a result, you will increase store profitability and improve your overall growth strategy.

Customer-focused BI solution

Customers are a central business focus for any retail organisation. It is crucial to understand your customer, to know their behaviour, preferences, customer lifecycle and common patterns for different customer groups. BI analytical tools will help you to develop customer loyalty and satisfaction by better matching customer needs. Among several advantages of the BI platform, here are the customer-related benefits:

  • Better knowledge about the customer and his behaviour in an omnichannel approach,
  • Improved marketing campaign response rates,
  • Anticipated cross and up-sell opportunities,
  • Increased sales frequency and value,
  • Anticipated future product demand,
  • Increased customer retention and decreased customer churn,
  • Tailored offers, mailings, rewards enabling better customer approach.

Comprehensive Comarch BI platform for Retail 

Comarch Business Intelligence is a decision support system that integrates dispersed data in your company and turns it into valuable knowledge about your business in a complex and constantly changing retail environment.

Our BI tools are based on a dedicated data warehouse platform using ETL processes for data integration and aggregation. Predefined and adjustable multi-dimensional analytical models provide meaningful information about suppliers, customers, employees and inventory. 

Reporting and analytical tool Comarch BI Point gives data access through the right mechanisms such as reports, dashboards, KPI’s, visualisations and alerts. Dedicated specifically for retail, it enables you to optimise processes by identifying patterns in stores and other sales channels, inventory, margins and finances. 

A quick overview of some of Comarch BI's benefits:

  • Better insight into company operations and finance,
  • Streamlined decision-making process,
  • Improved company efficiency,
  • Reporting and data analysis automation,
  • Ad-hoc functionality for reports and dashboards creation,
  • Reduced costs of analysis & time saving, 
  • Verification of the effectiveness of the company’s strategy,
  • Regular access to the latest information about the company situation.
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