Comarch Teams up with La Halle to Support its Omnichannel Transformation and Customer-oriented Strategy Development


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Retail - sales of ready to wear clothing and footwear

La Halle, a flagship clothing and footwear company belonging to the Vivarte group, established in 1981, has teamed up with Comarch, an IT solution provider specializing in retail, to launch its deep omnichannel transformation and develop its customer-oriented strategy.

A range of modules composing the Comarch Retail package will be used on around 5 000 devices in 900 La Halle shops as part of the implementation of the customer-oriented omnichannel strategy.

Comarch Order Management System allows the coherent centralization of all company data and the consolidation of all cross-channel sales processes (store to web, click and collect, e-reservation, and ship from store), taking into account the optimization of customers’ shopping experience and the development of their loyalty and engagement in the brand through new programs.

Comarch POS, a solution dedicated to retail sales, will enable La Halle to manage sales comprehensively with the use of automatically personalized offers and detailed information, especially about customers’ preferences and product availability.

The mobile version, Comarch mPOS, will allow sales representatives to perform their business activities via smartphone or tablet, give their clients informed advice, and accompany them during the whole omnichannel sales process until they reach a point of sale.

Comarch Store Back Office is a desktop and mobile solution facilitating the management of stock levels thanks to the real-time, uniform presentation of product availability, a key element in the implementation of the omnichannel strategy.

Challenges and related solutions
In a highly competitive environment, and in the face of the rapid evolution of customer expectations, La Halle is developing its shopping IT system with an aim to live up to new omnichannel shopping behaviors and enhance its service quality, in order to raise the global level of customer satisfaction.

The project’s aims take into account all customers, sales representatives, and main company departments. Considering customers, La Halle wants to guarantee that their sales processes will be harmonized and fluent between different channels, and aims to develop the management of offers matched to the needs of each customer.
With regard to sales representatives, the company plans to streamline its operational processes, and, as a result, enhance the quality of its service and advice given to customers on the basis of relevant information.
When it comes to main company departments, the key challenge is to gain more extensive knowledge about the shopping behaviors of online and offline customers in order to further foster customer loyalty and engagement in the shop’s brand.

“More than ever before, digital transformation is now present in the center of strategic challenges that retail companies need to deal with. Mobile solutions for colleagues and customers are now indispensable if we want to streamline the omnichannel sales process. As a provider of solutions for this sector, we must gain competitive advantage, precede, or even shape new trends, which would meet customer and market expectations directly. Our solutions and services make it possible to live up to such expectations, as we provide a unique set of functionalities and team up with retail companies to support their development and help them reach their goals” - explains Arkadiusz Iłgowski, President of Comarch France.

About “La Halle, c’est vraiment vous!”
For over 35 years, La Halle has been offering a wide range of affordable clothing, footwear, and accessories dedicated to a broad scope of customers, building an extensive domestic sales network. Known as a commonly available brand characterized by competitive prices, La Halle cares about its diversity and its remarkable customers. By offering a large selection of products, La Halle enables each customer to express their individual style any time, regardless of their sex, age, figure, or wealth, without bowing to fashion trends.

La Halle, pour tous les styles qui vous ressemblent. = La Halle, for all styles that suit you.
La Halle, c’est vraiment vous! = La Halle, it’s you!

About Comarch
The provider of Comarch Retail software, a unique ecosystem offering solutions dedicated to retail sellers, Comarch belongs to the group of key players on the European market. As a partner of such recognizable brands as Printemps, Bureau Vallée, Leroy Merlin, Gémo, and Galeries Lafayette, Comarch accompanies enterprises in their development and actively participates in the diversification of trading possibilities, providing innovative technologies of essential significance. Comarch Group currently operates in more than 60 countries on six continents and has in excess of 5 000 employees.