The application is a key element of Comarch solutions for Industry 4.0. Thanks to it, it is possible to collect and process data collected directly from production processes. As a result, the obtained information allows for production control (NOK and OK data) in real time. On their basis, it is possible to determine the value of OEE. The Industry 4.0 MES application is available in a desktop and mobile version for tablets in three languages – Polish, English and German.

One application, many functionalities


Monitoring availability of machines
Integration with ERP systems
Integration with production lines
Integration with sensors
Automatic production reports in real time
Reduction of paperwork
Measuring OEE and displaying it to operators
Measuring NOK/OK parts and tracking types and reasons
Automatic reporting of downtimes
In-depth data analysis using Big Data system like BI
Scheduling of maintenance
Shift reports sent via email

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