Shareholding Structure

Information regarding shareholders directly holding, or indirectly through subsidiary entities, at least 5% of the total number of votes at the General Meeting of Comarch SA, as of the 20th of May, 2022:

  • Janusz Filipiak holds 1,997,027 shares (24.55% of the company’s share capital), which gave him 5,569,027 votes at the AGM and constituted 36.82% of all votes at the AGM;
  • Elżbieta Filipiak holds 846,000 shares (10.40% of the company’s share capital), which gave her 4,230,000 votes at the AGM and constituted 27,96% of all votes at the AGM;
  • MetLife Otwarty Fundusz Emerytalny (Open Investment Fund) managed by MetLife PTE SA holds 841,097 shares (10.34% of the company’s share capital), which gave it 841,097 votes at the AGM and constituted 5.56% of all votes at the AGM.
  • Nationale-Nederlanden Otwarty Fundusz Emerytalny and Nationale-Nederlanden Dobrowolny Fundusz Emerytalny managed by Nationale-Nederlanden PTE S.A. hold in total 846,571 shares (10.41% of the company’s share capital) which gave them 846,571 votes at the AGM and constituted 5.6% of all votes at the AGM, including Nationale-Nederlanden Otwarty Fundusz Emerytalny managed by Nationale-Nederlanden PTE S.A. holds 843,071 shares (10.37% of the company’s share capital), which gave it 843,071 votes at the AGM and constituted 5.57% of all votes at the AGM.

The share capital of Comarch S.A. amounts to PLN 8,133,349.00, which corresponds to 15,126,949 votes at the General Shareholders Meeting and consists of:

  1. 864,800 series A registered preference shares by votes,
  2. 75,200 series A ordinary shares,
  3. 883,600 series B registered preference shares by votes,
  4. 56,400 series B ordinary shares,
  5. 3,008,000 series C ordinary shares,
  6. 1,200,000 series D ordinary shares,
  7. 638,600 series E ordinary shares,
  8. 125,787 series G ordinary shares,
  9. 102,708 series G3 ordinary shares,
  10. 563,675 series H ordinary shares,
  11. 441,826 series I2 ordinary shares,
  12. 91,041 series J2 ordinary shares,
  13. 73,953 series K3 ordinary shares,
  14. 7,759 series L1 ordinary shares.

The nominal value of one share is 1 PLN.