Share Information

Comarch S.A. shares are listed on the primary market on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1998 and are included in the following indexes:

Stock exchange: Warsaw Stock Exchange

Symbol on WSE: CMR

Symbol on Reuters: CMR.WA

The company's share capital is PLN 8,133,349 and consists of 8,133,349 shares with a nominal value of PLN 1 each, including:

1.   864,800 series A registered preference shares by votes,
2.   75,200 series A ordinary shares,
3.   883,600 series B registered preference shares by votes,
4.   56,400 series B ordinary shares,
5.   3,008,000 series C ordinary shares,
6.   1,200,000 series D ordinary shares,
7.   638,600 series E ordinary shares,
8.   125,787 series G ordinary shares,
9.   102,708 series G3 ordinary shares,
10.   563,675 series H ordinary shares,
11.   441,826 series I2 ordinary shares,
12.   91,041 series J2 ordinary shares,
13.   73,953 series K3 ordinary shares,
14.   7,759 series L1 ordinary shares.

One ordinary share entitles to one vote, and one preferred registered share to five votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders of Comarch S.A.