Skagen Funds

The largest investment fund generates reports for customers with Comarch Business Intelligence.


Implementation profile


Industry: Banking and finance


Countries of implementation: Norway


Area: Investment funds


“It was an ambitious undertaking, and Comarch carried out all the tasks it was entrusted with. The project was managed professionally, otherwise it could not have been completed on time and within the allocated budget. We also achieved great benefits from Comarch’s flexible approach, which this project required. In short, we are very satisfied with the results and we count on further cooperation in the years to come.” 

Jim Sumpter, CIMA® SKAGEN Funds




Skagen Funds is the largest investment fund in Norway. They have over 260,000 individual and institutional customers. The main goal of the company is to consistently obtain the best possible returns on investments for its customers.


Project goals


  • Providing automatic generation of reports for individual and institutional customers, in order to meet the current and the future reporting requirements
  • Ability to collect and analyse detailed data
  • Possibility of easy generation of various reports concerning investments in shares and funds
  • Creation of competitive edge, thanks to provision of reliable information on fund performance
  • Integration of information and automatic reporting
  • Restriction of the human error risk in the generated reports




  • Data warehouse technology Oracle
  • Integrated and organized information in analytical models, allowing to report fund performance
  • Monthly, automatic generation of 155 000 reports for customers
  • Procedures improving Data Quality
  • Portal for distribution and customization of investment reports




  • Activation of reporting solution as a tool for communication between Skagen Funds and its customers, enabling presentation of reports prepared for the customers.
  • Advanced calculations of data transferred to the data warehouse
  • Automation of the reporting process, providing for the Data Quality procedures.


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