Infrastructure as a Service




Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), known also as cloud infrastructure, is one of three fundamental cloud service models.



IaaS delivers the basic computing infrastructure as a fully outsourced on-demand service in the form of number of servers, computing power, operating system, network and storage services. This delivery model is a highly practical solution and let clients remotely use IT resources on a “pay-as-you-go” financial model. Users pay only for what they use rather than expansion of the required IT infrastructure resources in their own data center.

Scope of IaaS solution

Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS environment is located in the state-of-the-art Comarch Date Center facilities, designed and protected in accordance with the highest industry standards with shared network infrastructure, processing power, centralized backup system, and redundant Internet connectivity. The layer of software maintenance is the customer‘s responsibility. As part of the IaaS solution Comarch offers support services (remote hands) as well as services related to monitoring equipment and optional backup.

IaaS solution

The IaaS model can offer numerous benefits, below are the top advantages:

  • cost saving - you use the computing resources that are needed
  • relatively short implementation period without the need to spend time and additional resources for investment in the construction or adaptation of servers
  • a versatile IaaS equipment is hosted in one of the 15 Comarch data centers located globally
  • a flexible and scalable selection of IT infrastructure resources based on the current needs of the company
  • allowing businesses to minimize use of internal IT resources

IaaS model

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