Cloud Engine (IaaS)

Enterprise grade IT infrastructure
for mission critical environments.

The cloud offers immeasurable potential for businesses responding to increasing market competition or seizing opportunities created by new technologies. The complexity of successfully migrating your applications to the cloud and integrating a cloud solution with a traditional IT environment can outstrip the resources of many enterprises.

Comarch Cloud Engine, known also as Infrastructure as a Service, is a ready to use platform managed by the clients. It delivers basic computing infrastructure of a fully outsourced on-demand service in the form of a number of servers, computing power, operating system, network and storage services. Cloud Engine offers high availability and performance backed by strict SLAs, an integrated set of security services, and compliance solutions. Built-in backup and disaster recovery services ensure that your critical IT systems are always up and running without any interruption or down time. When combined with a wide range of industry-specific and government certifications, Comarch Cloud Engine creates a trusted environment to process even the most sensitive enterprise data. In addition, Comarch offers flexible choice through a full suite of professional and managed services from the infrastructure up to the application layer.

A powerful engine for every use case

Every instance of Comarch Cloud Engine is located in the state-of-the-art Comarch Date Center facilities, designed and protected in accordance with the highest industry standards with shared network infrastructure, processing power, centralized backup system, and redundant Internet connectivity. In the scope of Cloud Engine, Comarch customers can benefit from a variety of IaaS products:

  • Fine selection of VM instance flavors comprising varying combinations of CPU and RAM
  • Storage based on your strict IOPS requirements
  • High performance network connections (10Gbps directly to providers’ backbone)
  • Sophisticated security options (DDoS, web application firewall, load balancers)
  • Private networks and security groups
  • Geo-redundancy thanks to multiple availability zones
  • Self-service front-end

The variety of combinations gives the possibility to build any kind of environment, from the very simple to multi-layered containing high availability solutions and disaster recovery centers located in other Comarch cloud-enabled Data Centers

A powerful engine for every use case

Pay Only for what you Use

Take advantage of our consumption-based pricing model, based on actual usage of cloud capacity. This means you only pay for the resources you use rather than investing in expansion to meet IT infrastructure resource requirements in your own data center. This delivery model is a highly practical solution and lets clients reduce inefficiencies and make significant cost savings while eliminating overheads from unused or under-utilized virtual machines.

Comarch Cloud Engine can offer numerous benefits, including the main advantages listed below:

  • Free your internal IT teams to focus on strategic goals.
  • Leave routine management and maintenance to Comarch’s experts.
  • Decrease capital expense (CapEx) via a pay as you go pricing model.
  • Short implementation period without the need to spend time and additional resources on investment in the construction or adaption of servers
  • Scale your IT infrastructure quickly to meet customer demand during busy periods.
  • Deploy a multi-cloud model to leverage on-premises systems with cloud for better agility and greater cost savings.
  • Build infrastructure aligned with industry regulations, so you can protect consumer information.
  • Deliver and launch your latest innovations to market much faster.

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