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The Best Uses of Machine Learning in Your Business

In the business world you cannot underestimate the power of information. Without appropriate knowledge about your target group, competition and market demand, marketing teams would not know where to begin as far as advertising is concerned.


What are the challenges for ICT markets? Interview with Ryszard Kluza and Łukasz Łacniak Comarch ICT experts

Over the past 20 years, IT outsourcing markets have undergone unprecedented change. Today, ICT innovation, work automation and cloud technologies, such as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, are forcing companies to reassess their business strategies, operating models and risk frameworks.


Advantages of nearshore outsourcing



What are the differences between offshoring and nearshore outsourcing?

Infographic: Top 10 Outsourcing destinations in Europe


What is Nearshore Outsourcing?



Vendor Management in IT Outsourcing - Success factors

Vendor Management is a critical activity in IT Outsourcing and it’s getting more and more popular. As we can read in Deloitte Global CPO Survey 2016: “The drive for outsourcing continues, especially in larger organizations.”


Big Bang and evolution. Which outsourcing strategy brings more benefits?

A debate on the beginning of the outsourcing project may resemble a discussion on the beginning of the universe.


Security as a Service, a game with high stakes

Safety in infrastructure-related projects entails considerable expenses. We know from our own experience that projects related to the use of LAN and WAN networks as well as costs related to safety may account for 1/3 of the value of the entire investment. Customers frequently do not tend to invest large amounts of money in infrastructure. The cloud (SECaaS) is a solution.


What will 2016 bring us? Current trends in cloud services growth

With the end of every calendar year comes the time for summaries and forecasts for the next twelve months. For cloud services, it is likely to be a crucial period. Particularly in certain European markets. Why? Read below.


Internet (In)Security. Check out the latest data

Data concerning internet security are terrifying. Each year there is more and more malware and spyware. But alas, most of the companies are not prepared for that. The research study commissioned by Check Point, one of our technological partners, shows that there are major problems with security infrastructure everywhere in the world.


IBM Power Systems Brought to You by Comarch

IBM Power Systems are leading infrastructure solutions throughout the world. Today’s world demands optimized and secure servers which adapt to contemporary business challenges, including big data. Comarch offers fully managed services for IBM Power Systems. Discover the opportunities associated with IBM infrastructure and Comarch services.


Backup as a data security strategy

The 31st of March is celebrated as World Backup Day. This is a good opportunity to look at the safety of your company’s data, especially since every year thousands of computer users lose the content of their hard drives.