The Inatel University - the National Institute of Telecommunications in Brazil, named its didactic laboratory after the name of Professor Janusz Filipiak, the founder and president of the management board of Comarch SA. The patronage is the result of many years of the cooperation between Comarch and Inatel on the development of IT systems as well as the company's commitment in didactic activities.
COMARCH OSS LAB “PROFESSOR JANUSZ FILIPIAK” this the full name of the didactic studio. It is a place where IT specialists work on innovative IT solutions for providers of telecommunications services. The ceremony of laying the commemorative plaque took place on 15 December.

- It is a great honour for me that the Inatel authorities decided that I took the patronage of the didactic institution where future programmers and telco experts are educated. The National Telecommunications Institute provides many young people with access to world-class knowledge. While being educated under the guidance of excellent mentors, they can gain experience which will result in their future career. I am proud that Comarch can cooperate in didactic projects and I feel honoured that our commitment has been appreciated says Janusz Filipiak, the founder and president of Comarch SA.

- Being the partner to one of the leading companies in the area of information technology and communications allows our undergraduates to be in direct contact with the systems developed for their clients in Brazil. By offering an internship programme, Comarch has provided our students with the access to technology courses delivered by professionals from the Inatel Competence Centre says Mário Ferreira, Continuing Education Associate Manager, Inatel.

Inatel and Comarch established partner cooperation in March 2015. The project includes a program for training students of the Brazilian National Telecommunications Institute as well as the designing of models of telecommunications networks. Inatel provides Comarch with a room and equipment for trainees as well as didactic care of a researcher. Comarch provides IT tools which are used by students in classes to model the physical structures of telecommunications devices.

Students who will complete the traineeship at Inatel have the chance to tie their professional career with Comarch for a longer period. So far, 13 graduates have taken longer cooperation with the Polish manufacturer of IT systems.