Technological innovation space at the Comarch campus is open

The Innovation Space in which the IT company's products and services are presented in a multimedia way has been set up at Comarch’s Head Office in Krakow. At individual stands, one may learn about the possibilities of using Comarch IT and technology systems, including telediagnostics and telemedicine monitoring, e-mobility solutions, a store of the future and others, including IoT, 5G, artificial intelligence, and Virtual Reality solutions.

The Comarch Innovation Space has been divided into several zones. Each zone presents IT solutions for individual sectors of the economy, including financial and insurance institutions, telephone network operators, medical facilities, as well as companies representing the retail trade and manufacturing enterprises. The stands also feature multimedia presentations describing case studies of implementations carried out by Comarch.

Welcome zone
At the entrance to the Comarch Innovation Space, visitors receive a smartphone with a built-in application, which is a guide for the entire exhibition.

“The application is integrated with Comarch Beacon transmitters located in the room. Visitors can easily find a specific stand in the Innovation Space. A similar solution has been applied in one of the shopping centres as part of the project of implementing location marketing services – Location Based Services” says Łukasz Sutor, Services Sector Marketing Director at Comarch.

The first zone presents solutions employing e-mobility technologies. These independent and connected services change an urban agglomeration into a smart city. Using them, residents may, among others, make payments for shared services and use applications showing free parking spaces, while companies may run virtual offices.

Visitors also have an opportunity to familiarise themselves with Comarch Cloud Infraspace – an advanced cloud product that enables enterprises to efficiently perform a digital transformation, optimise costs, and achieve better business results.

Towards 5G technology
At a stand dedicated to the telecommunications industry, one may see how cellular networks have evolved from the 1G to 5G standard.

“Comarch has witnessed the changes in the telecommunications industry and is a pioneer in terms of creating and providing IT systems for telecoms. Today, we successfully implement projects in the field of research and development, as well as the implementation of systems using intelligent networks, the Internet of Things, 5G technology, and progressive virtualisation of telecommunications infrastructure. At the stand, we will present visitors with a full portfolio of services for telecommunications operators” says Małgorzata Siwiec, Telecommunications Sector Marketing Director at Comarch.

IoT node
Talking and learning machines have become a permanent feature in many enterprises. In the zone dedicated to the Internet of Things technology, visitors have access to the Comarch IoT platform installed in the IT cloud. The system enables process definition, management, and remote control of devices. It stores and analyses a huge amount of data that is used to make strategic decisions in real time. This solution is very widely used in industry, retail, and healthcare. More IT solutions and services for medical facilities are also presented in the section dedicated to this industry.
“In the e-Health zone, we present technologies that are changing the world of medicine. Among others, visitors may perform basic tests at the diagnostic desk, the results of which will be analysed by an automated analytical platform, verified by medical staff and sent to the e-mail address provided. It will also be possible to become acquainted with the operation of the HealthNote application that is used, among others, to securely collect and share electronic medical records” explains Wojciech Kuder, e-Health and IoT Marketing Director at Comarch.
Additionally, devices monitoring the patient's health will be available, including a life wristband and a Cardiovest vest, as well as sensors measuring, for example, carbon monoxide levels at homes.

Society of the future
In the Comarch Innovation Space, we will also find systems that support the development of e-society. Public administration is more and more open to citizens, enabling handling of administrative matters quickly and effortlessly. Local governments may use Comarch solutions to create and offer e-services available to citizens, such as submission of applications and official letters, voting for a civic budget, or making local tax payments.

“At the stand, we present a parking information system of Comarch Smart Parking, which is a helpful tool for parking managers and operators, as well as municipal authorities when creating paid parking zones or Park & Ride car parks. The zone features a mobile application for drivers that makes it easier to find a free parking space” says Anna Pasionek, Head of Public Administration Marketing at Comarch.

The last of the presented systems are video analytics, used, among others, by uniformed services. The technology allows recognising people's faces and emotions and is helpful in identifying identities or creating video shortcuts.

Focus on finances
Another zone in the Comarch Innovation Space showcases systems designed for financial and insurance institutions. Visitors may use, among others, a financial assistant application, virtual reality technology, a system equipped with artificial intelligence, which is used to estimate the value of damages and for granting loans, as well as a 3D housing estate model and an application for real property valuation, for creditworthiness control, too.

“Artificial intelligence is very strongly developed in IT systems for banking institutions and insurance companies. This technology allows users performing activities that have been previously carried out manually, for example: collection of data to calculate the insurance premium, teaching the neural network to automatically assess a given vehicle-related claim on the basis of a photo of the damaged vehicle sent by the driver, or managing cash flows with the use of a virtual assistant” explains Magdalena Imielska, Head of Financial Services Marketing at Comarch.

Services for entrepreneurs
ERP and Business Intelligence class systems have been presented in the zone dedicated to enterprise management solutions. People visiting this stand may check how machine learning technologies, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, built into Comarch ERP systems, improve the process and data management in the company. This zone explains concepts related to the retail and production industries, such as customer experience, omnichannel, and Industry 4.0. It also presents the way in which Comarch implements these ideas in customers' companies in its projects.

Additionally, the zone shows IT solutions for building and managing customer loyalty, systems presenting areas of automation in a supply chain and electronic communication with business partners and suppliers. An imitation of Comarch Global Operations Center has also been created there.

“The Global Operations Center is a place where Comarch employees monitor the condition of customers' networks and infrastructure, provide an immediate response to any detected failures and provide Service Desk services in many languages. The Global Operations Center is also a single point of contact for our customers. Failure reporting and resolution is much more efficient because engineers take over the entire process: from receipt of a notification, through contact with external telecommunications service providers, to the final analysis of the event and customer feedback” explains Dagmara Skomra, ICT Systems Product Manager at Comarch.
“The Comarch Innovation Space is one of a few places of this type in Poland, where advanced IT technologies have been presented in one space in a multimedia way. The space has been prepared for entrepreneurs who often want to familiarise themselves with Comarch’s full offer. Now, we have a very modern tool for this. The zone will also be open to high school students and students of all fields of study” adds Gabriela Nadczuk, ERP Marketing Director at Comarch.
The Comarch Innovation Space has been set up at the Company's Head Office in Kraków, at ul. Życzkowskiego 33. The official opening took place on 18 September 2019.