A growth of both profit and orders and the faster development of Comarch in Western European markets were the subjects of an interview in which Professor Janusz Filipiak, the founder and CEO of Comarch SA, gave to the news agency Reuters.

Filipiak announced higher net profit than in 2009. The backlog of orders will be 15 percent higher than a year ago and Comarch revenues in 2011 could increase by about 15 percent.

- Our goal is not to maximize profit this year, but push development in Western Europe. The investment in marketing in Germany this year comes at a cost of 10-15 million PLN - as the CEO of Comarch explains to Reuters.

Filipiak announced that SoftM’s restructuring has been completed in this year. Comarch is now pushing development and employing new sales and consultant staff.

Comarch’s president is interested in Western Europe because Comarch is quite visible there and has a recognizable brand. Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France are markets where Comarch is beginning to succeed. The company also has a chance for new contracts in Scandinavia and Britain.

In Filipiak’s opinion: - If revenue at year’s end is 15 percent higher, then revenues in 2011 could be 10-15 percent higher while still maintaining an operating margin of around 6 percent.

Comarch is expecting larger profits, an interview with Janusz Filipiak, Paweł Bernat, Thomson Reuters, 04/11/2010.