Quarantined Sofia Residents to Receive Comarch LifeWristbands
Fifty Comarch LifeWristbands will be provided to the Regional Health Inspectorate in Sofia. The institution will provide the devices to people in domestic quarantine due to the risk of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Comarch will also provide access to the e-Care telemedicine platform, and technical support to officials of the Sofia sanitary authorities.
The project is being implemented in cooperation with the Bulgarian company Inter Business'91 Ltd. This organization which specializes in telemedicine services provided on the local market. The pilot stage of this project will take three months.
The Comarch LifeWristband is equipped with an SOS button, constantly monitors the health of the user, and has a GPS module which makes it possible to determine the location of the user. This functionality will be used by the Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate to provide information on whether the quarantined person is at home.
“In such a difficult time of pandemic, telemedicine is no longer just an alternative but, in many cases, the main mode of medical care. It is therefore a good idea to implement solutions that enable these services to be performed remotely, but also provide the possibility to monitor people quarantined during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). An example is the dedicated Quarantine Warden from Comarch”, said Krzysztof Białek, an IoT Business Development Manager at Comarch.
Thanks to the use of a SIM card, the device also enables voice calls, which allows the person wearing the bracelet to quickly reach employees of medical services who, based on the information provided, will be able to provide remote assistance or call local emergency services. The ability to make voice calls also reduces the frequency of visits by law enforcement officers to check whether the quarantined person is at home and is following the instructions given. This, in turn, reduces the risk of infection of officers as a result of direct contact with quarantined people. In addition, monitoring people in quarantine using the Comarch LifeWristband translates into lower operating costs for the agencies, compared to daily physical inspections at the places of residence of quarantined people.
Comarch LifeWristbands will be issued to those monitored by the sanitary inspectorate in the coming days. On 22 April, Inter Business'91 Ltd. provided the devices to the Bulgarian Red Cross. Both entities will be responsible for supervision of the implementation and the conduct of the project. The Red Cross will then make the equipment available to the Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate.
The meeting organized to hand over the Comarch LifeWristbands was attended by Mr. Maciej Szymański, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the Republic of Bulgaria.