The founder and CEO of Comarch SA, Janusz Filipiak, was appointed, by Polish President Andrzej Duda, member of the National Development Council. Professor Filipiak has become an expert in the field of “Economy, work, entrepreneurship.”

The National Development Council (NRR) is composed of 87 authorities on various fields (entrepreneurs, scientists, diplomats, economists, and lawyers). They feel responsible for the country and would like it to be better, more efficient, stronger, and more citizen-friendly. As said Andrzej Duda, the Council’s mission is to: “let citizens achieve personal success more easily so that they do not have to look for alternatives abroad.”

The National Development Council is an expert and advisory body committed to developing strategic solutions and growth perspectives for the next 10, 20, 30 years.

“I would like us to devise a far-reaching recovery and development plan for Poland. I dream of a strong Polish state. I believe that this will be possible thanks to your expert support and the cooperation with the government and the Parliament,” said the President during the ceremony at the Presidential Palace. “All of you present here are experts, but you have different viewpoints,” said President Andrzej Duda, making a reference to the words of Marshal Józef Pilsudski. “There would be no place for discussion or serious and wise debate if only people who agree with one another were sitting here. Science does not develop if everyone sees eye to eye with others, working on development strategies also makes no sense; there should be a lot of viewpoints so that all pros and cons can be analyzed – in an atmosphere of respect, a culture of debate, and content-related dispute,” said President Andrzej Duda.

The National Development Council is an opinion-making body.