Munich/Buchs, 01.06.2011The zur Mühlen Group, one of Europe’s leading meat and sausage companies, has opted to implement the InfoStore ECM document management system throughout its entire business. From spoolfile archiving via scanning and purchase invoice workflow control all the way to e-mail archiving, InfoStore ECM will be used to map a wide range of processes. The document management system is expected to be used at around one hundred workplaces.

Up to now, a number of different electronic archiving and workflow solutions have been used within the group, which includes the companies Böklunder-Plumrose, Könecke/Redlefsen, Schulte Fleisch- und Wurstwaren and Anhalter Fleischwaren. The aim of this project to introduce a new document management system is to implement a consistent solution that provides all the necessary functions and processes within an integrated system. InfoStore ECM also offers another decisive advantage, as Norbert Ruhr, the group’s IT Project Manager, explains: - The key factor behind our decision in favor of InfoStore ECM was its complete integration into the Comarch ERP system. The ERP system used by the group companies is Comarch SoftM Suite; InfoStore ECM offers the necessary degree of integration to map an entire receipt of invoice workflow or to enable the direct display of receipts from within the ERP environment.

Norbert Ruhr is expecting the introduction of InfoStore to “optimize workflow processes, reduce the huge amount paper in circulation, offer better control opportunities and cut down the number of manual tasks.” The project was initiated at the beginning of May 2011 and the new solution is scheduled to go live in the first company, Böklunder-Plumrose GmbH & Co., on 1 July.

About the zur Mühlen Group
The zur Mühlen Group – along with ZUR MÜHLEN INTERNATIONAL, the company that looks after its international business – is one of Europe’s leading meat and sausage suppliers. The group's popular sausage brands include Böklunder, Könecke, Redlefsen, Schulte, and Plumrose. According to GfK ConsumerScan, the group is number one in the self-service sausage and canned sausage market, with a market share of over 20 percent of total production by volume. With over 3,000 staff, the group produces 300,000 tonnes of high-quality meat products per year.