The internationally operating IT group Comarch, which is headquartered in Kraków and has numerous offices in Germany, becomes new main sponsor of the German soccer club TSV 1860 München (the so-called Löwen; German for lions). Starting with the season 2010/2011, the Comarch logo will be presented on the shirts of the Löwen. Already since December 2009, the Comarch Group belongs as "Presenter" to the top sponsors of the club of tradition from Munich.

In connection to the opening of the anniversary exhibition of TSV 1860 München celebrating the 150th year of the club's existence in the Riem Arcaden in Munich, Comarch's president, Prof. Janusz Filipiak, and chief executive of the Löwen, Manfred Stoffers, today signed the main sponsor agreement for a term of three years (including season 2012/2013). Besides the placing of the lettering "Comarch" on the shirts of the Löwen, as main sponsor Comarch purchases numerous additional advertising and marketing rights. These include presentation on advertising spaces in the stadium as well as the option to different further advertising activities, as e.g. on the internet, in magazines, TV, radio, and on outdoor advertising spaces. Furthermore, Comarch becomes IT supplier of the Löwen.

Comarch is a leading provider of software for telecommunications companies, banks, trading companies, and medium-sized companies. Since its founding in 1993, the company has been characterized by growth and positive results. Even in the year of crisis 2009, the group which employs about 3,500 employees worldwide could increase its turnover by 4.2 percent. In 2009, 30 percent of the turnover was generated in German-speaking countries. The customers in Germany include Aral, BP, Conmetall, Dallmayr, Meggle, O2, and T-Mobile.

When becoming Presenter of TSV 1860 in December 2009, Prof. Filipiak had already stressed the long-term, strategic interest in sponsoring the Löwen, which he emphasized and renewed today:

- The Löwen are a club of strong tradition that has a large group of supporters and is well known even beyond German borders. Since we got involved in December 2009, we have witnessed a very positive development of the club as well as the team and we want to contribute to the Löwen's regaining of their adequate standing in professional soccer. We hope that our commitment to TSV 1860 will also lead to an increase in our recognition in the German market which is of central importance to us.

- We are pleased that by winning Comarch we have gained an economically strong partner as main sponsor, who also possesses soccer competence
, said Löwen's chief executive, Manfred Stoffers. - After all, Prof. Janusz Filipiak is president of the Polish soccer club of tradition, Cracovia Kraków, which plays in first league.

Since the beginning of the sponsoring, there are different relationships, both on management and sports level, between Kraków's club Cracovia in which Comarch holds a share of 49 percent and TSV 1860. Consequently, the new Cracovia stadium is planned to be inaugurated in late summer by a friendly match between these two clubs.

Currently, Comarch is also the top sponsor of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of TSV 1860 in the Riem Arcaden where an anniversary week with a large exhibition on the history of the Löwen has been opened today.