Avanti Polonia! Warschaus Weg nach Westen is a title of a report made by Germany’s 3sat Television, in which Professor Janusz Filipiak and Comarch were presented.

Eva Schmidt, a journalist with 3sat Television, has been trying to find a recipe for the phenomenal growth in Poland. As a result, she has visited profitable Polish enterprises, those which have proven successful beyond their native countries, one of them is Comarch.

- In Poland, economic growth was recorded during 2009 (the only country in the European Union which can boast this fact). Polish companies are free to compete with western companies. It is high time for all the stereotypes of "poor, gray Poland" to be thrown away! - said Eva Schmidt about Comarch.

Professor Janusz Filipiak, Comarch’s Chairman, explains to 3sat Television’s Avanti Polonia report the interest in the business sector of Germany: - At this point, from Krakow to Munich, we have four flights a day and two to Frankfurt. The nearby Katowice airport also has connections to Germany. The connections to this area are better than with the city of Danzig, where there are no direct connections and we must travel six or seven hours. Currently, Comarch’s revenues from the German market represent 35 percent of the total revenue of the company. Germany is an enormous market with a very large economic zone, fortunately it is located very close.

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