In the article titled „ Underestimated Neighbor from the East” the newspaper „Financial Times Deutschland” writes about hidden capabilities, success and the expansion of Polish companies in the West. 

Speaking to Financial Times Deutschland, Comarch’s CEO Janusz Filipiak disclosed fresh plans for takeovers in order to support the global expansion of Poland’s IT leader. - During the next 3 or 4 years we will take over a company in France - declares Mr Filipiak.
The article very aptly summarizes the underestimated capabilities of Eastern European countries.  Poland is no longer second-rate in comparison to the West, where in the past global IT players employed well educated yet low paid IT specialists. FTD writes: some firms from the region went through the process of globalization; meaning that they are able to be more competitive in comparison with global IT companies in the West. According to IDC, Poland is the second biggest Eastern market after Russia.

Christian Hestermann, an IT analyst from Partner consulting company, points out that firms are functioning and succeeding in Eastern Europe which want and are able to expand but until now nobody has taken a blind bit of notice. In turn Tomasz Sloniewski, an IT analyst from the consulting firm IDC, noted that the very strong presence and market division between two Polish players (Asseco and Comarch) has limited the chance for the development of this market. - These two firms must develop apart from just in Poland and Eastern Europe - he stated. The German market is a challenge for Comarch. The company which Comarch has acquired, SoftM Software und Beratung AG, must show that it is able to satisfy the needs of mid-sized and ambitious clients from Germany. A Change of CEO and a restructuring program are a protection from falling revenue and a trade deficit.