Munich, April 12, 2012 – Comarch Software und Beratung AG announced its financial result for 2011 on the past Friday. In the fourth quarter of 2011, the company generated a positive EBIT of EUR0.8 million registering a significant profit growth (in comparison, the EBIT amounted to minus EUR3.5 million in the 4th quarter of 2010).

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The results obtained by Comarch Software und Beratung AG show the positive effects of the internal restructuring measures implemented in the 2nd half of 2011, which were completed in the 1st quarter of 2012. In 2012, Comarch Software und Beratung AG is expected to obtain a clearly better result and incur no more losses thanks to the steps taken in order to optimize processes and extend the product portfolio. “I am convinced that the measures adopted and the product strategy pursued will show up as concrete sales success very soon,” emphasizes Dr. Christoph Kurpinski, Chairman of the Board at Comarch Software und Beratung AG.

Despite the positive development of the financial results in the fourth quarter of 2011, the sales revenue in 2011 still fell short of expectations. It decreased by 30% to EUR7.2 million. In the past twelve months, the sales revenue of Comarch Software und Beratung AG was EUR28.5 million (in 2010: EUR36.9 million). The operative result amounted to minus EUR4.4 million (in 2010: minus EUR7.1 million) and EBITDA was minus EUR1.2 million (in 2010: minus EUR1.7 million). Investments in research and development in 2011 remained at a high level of EUR8.8 million (in 2010: EUR10.7 million).