Ensuring the Safety of AXA Customers with Comarch LifeWristbands

AXA and Comarch Healthcare have joined forces to make monitoring bracelets available for anyone who may need constant care. The solution is supported by an experienced team of paramedics from Comarch Healthcare Telecare Center. The LifeWristband and access to care services will be available as part of the “Pulse of Life with monitoring wristband” life insurance policy, which is offered by AXA.

- We created this insurance because we wanted to provide a sense of security for those who need care more than financial support. We created it primarily with seniors in mind, since they are the most difficult group to insure for life, mainly due to high insurance premiums which rise as they get older. However, we have not introduced an age limit, so the insurance coupled with the wristband can also be purchased by young people suffering from chronic diseases. This is a completely new way of thinking about the role of the insurer, points out Aleksandra Polakowska-Szymańska, Product Development Department Director at AXA.

The joint initiative undertaken by AXA and Comarch is new on the Polish market. To date, no insurer has offered such care commercially. The policy can only be purchased from exclusive AXA agents.

- However, we are already thinking about expanding the scale and establishing partnerships with banks, leasing companies, telecommunications operators and e-commerce platforms. The service is ready, and we have the entire process in place, which means that the implementation virtually boils down to plug and play, says Marcin Wąsikowski, Bancassurance Sales and Partnership Programme Managing Director in AXA.

The LifeWristband measures various parameters, including heart rate and battery level, and checks whether the user is wearing the device. It is equipped with a SIM card and a geolocation system, which enables it to constantly stream data to the Comarch Healthcare Telecare Center and to work like a mobile phone. Should the need ever arise, the user can quickly contact the nearest Telecare Center by pressing a single button. The paramedics monitoring the data know when the readings are abnormal. In a life-threatening situation, they call an ambulance. It is often the paramedics themselves who get in touch with the users, when they analyze medical data and notice that the patient’s condition may require medical attention. What is even more important is the fact that Comarch Healthcare conducts a medical interview with the insured person. Knowledge and insight into the patient’s medical history can be of great help to paramedics and doctors when they provide medical assistance to the insured person.

The efficacy of the wristband in saving lives is confirmed by Comarch Healthcare data. For several years, the company has been supplying the device to seniors in cooperation with local and private medical institutions. - Last year, we worked with seven remote care centers. In just one of these centers, the paramedics have contacted their patients more than 22,000 times. Nearly 80 interventions ended with calling the EMS. In total, all active bracelets took more than 105 million measurements, points out Mateusz Cybulski, Worldwide Sales Director at Comarch.

According to AXA, the wristband could potentially be added to any life insurance policy. “Insurers need to look for solutions that respond to customers’ changing needs and demographic phenomena, and take advantage of the innovative technologies. This is part of the market race to gain an edge over the competition,” adds Aleksandra Polakowska-Szymańska.

The “Pulse of Life with monitoring wristband” life insurance policy offer can be found on the AXA website.