Comarch has become partner of a French football club, AS Nancy-Lorraine. During the 2012/2013 season’s matches, the players will be wearing shirts with Comarch’s logo on. The brand will also be present in several places of the stadium. This is the result of the club’s partnership with the Polish company. Comarch implements the loyalty system introducing a new quality of communication between the club and its fans.

Comarch’s decision to cooperate with AS Nancy (Association Sportive Nancy-Lorraine/ASNL) is not accidental. In Poland, Comarch Capital Group owns Cracovia, a football team from the Polish First League (also known as “Ekstraklasa”). The Nancy team was founded in 1910; in the 1970s, its name was represented by Michel Platini. AS Nancy belongs to Ligue 1, a French counterpart of the Polish “Ekstraklasa” or English “Premiership” league.

The first match of AS Nancy-Lorraine in shirts with Comarch’s logo, against FC Lorient, took place on January 14th, on the Marcel Picot stadium. Approximately 20 thousand fans occupied the tribunes, among them the founder and CEO of Comarch, Prof. Janusz Filipiak, accompanied by the Management Board of Comarch France.

Comarch Loyalty Management is a comprehensive yet flexible business platform, designed to support individual and multi-partner loyalty programs. Among the customers that use Comarch loyalty solutions are: BP (France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, UK, Poland), Credit Suisse and Leroy Merlin.
According to Romain Terrible, ASNL’s Commercial Director, the innovative Polish solution will allow the development of the relation between the club and its fans’ and Partners’ community. He emphasizes the added value of the Polish software, independent of sports results. – This tool will allow us to acquire and aggregate information in order to adjust our offer, promotional packages and rewards system – says Terrible.

ASNL implements a unique platform for stocking and managing data from various systems, analyzing and segmenting them, as well as communicating with fans and business partners, promoting and rewarding them through different channels (mobile phones, portal, control gates at the stadium’s entry, etc). The integration will include, among other, the following: cash system, access control system, selling tickets, website.

- With Comarch, we are building a strong community around our club with a rich history – admit its representatives. Łukasz Słoniewski, Consulting Director at Comarch SAS: - We are very happy to be given the opportunity to implement, together with Nancy-Lorraine, the first such advanced loyalty program in the French sport clubs’ environment. With the help of Comarch’s modern tools, as well as thanks to our implementation experience, we will be able to set up an attractive loyalty schema. 
- Thanks to this system, the club will be in measure to motivate its fans to perform certain comportments, as well as support the Partners in their businesses – adds Słoniewski.

Jacek Mikuś, Vice President of the French company Comarch SAS, accentuates that: - The uniqueness of the project for Nancy consists of the fact that the customer occupies a very media-friendly market. The First League of the French football is viewed on the television throughout the entire world. This is the reason why, apart from carrying out this interesting project, we have decided to invest in marketing with Nancy. It is extremely pleasant to witness a beautiful goal with Comarch logo in the background.

Comarch has been present on the French market since 2009. The Loyalty System is one of its solutions supporting marketing, which are the strategic products provided on this market. Comarch’s principal French customers are: Auchan, Bouygues Telecom, BIC and BP. The company’s products are available in mode Saas and hosted directly in Comarch data center.

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