Comarch’s H1 2022 Financial Results

In the first half of 2022, the Comarch Group earned nearly PLN 843 million in sales revenues, which represents a PLN 121.3 million (16.8%) increase over the previous year. Net shareholder profits stood at PLN 44.8 million, i.e. 9.8 million (17.9%) less that in H1 2021, while operating profits climbed up to PLN 71.1 million, which represents a PLN 6.3 million (9.7%) year-on-year increase. The Group has earned PLN 118 million in EBITDA profit, over 6% more better than last year (PLN 110.7 million).
In H1 2022, domestic sales of goods and services grossed PLN 342 million, an increase of 47 million (15.9%) over the previous year. In the same period, international sales brought in more than PLN 500 million, 7.4 million more than in H1 2021, and represented 59.4% of total revenue in the Comarch Group.
The first months of 2022 saw a sharp increase in the sales of telecom solutions, which rose to PLN 196.2 million, i.e. over 14 million more than last year. The SME sector ranked second, with a corresponding increase of PLN 25 million (24.4%) in  sales revenues; businesses from the sector purchased a total of nearly PLN 130 million worth of Comarch’s products and services. A two-digit surge in sales was also observed for the public sector, finance and banking, trade and services, and industry & utilities. Contracts signed with public administration institutions generated PLN 61.7 million in revenue, an increase of 10 million (20.4%) over H1 2021. The corresponding figure in the commerce and services segment was PLN 122.6 million, i.e. 12.2 million (11%) more than last year. Likewise, sales in the finance and banking segment jumped up by PLN 18 million (17.5%) to a total of PLN 121.4 million. The highest surge (39.7%) was observed in sales to industrial companies, reaching a total revenue of PLN 111 million, for a year-on-year increase of PLN 31.6 million. The medical sector generated PLN 29 million, i.e. 1.2 million more than in 2021.
“The business situation in H1 2022 reassured us that diversifying our sources of revenue and our portfolio will contribute to the stable growth of our Group, especially under difficult geopolitical circumstances and with rapidly evolving macroeconomic factors. Financial stability allows us to invest in expanding our ICT infrastructure, intensifying our sales in Poland and other markets, especially in Western Europe, North America, and Asia, and developing new and existing products and services”, says  Konrad Tarański, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Comarch SA, “We have observed an increasing demand for IT systems in large enterprises, and that, for us, is a huge opportunity for growth, because Comarch offers innovative products and technologies, also in the SaaS model. Thanks to a wide range of proprietary products, as well as our infrastructure and our human and capital resources, we are able to change and adapt to the business models preferred by our clients”, adds Konrad Tarański.
In H1 2022, employment in the Group grew by 0.5%. As of 30 June 2022, 6,756 people worked at Comarch, i.e. 33 more than on 31 December 2021.