Comarch gets stronger in customer loyalty and CRM in North America as it acquires shares in Thanks Again LLC.

Comarch strengthens its position in the customer loyalty and customer relationship management (CRM) segments in North America. The company becomes a shareholder of Thanks Again LLC, an American customer loyalty platform provider rendering its services all over North America.

As Professor Janusz Filipiak, founder and CEO of Comarch, says: -This acquisition will facilitate and expand the scope of Comarch’s operations related to developing customer loyalty and CRM systems for airports and airlines.
The contract providing for the acquisition of 4,250,000 shares of Thanks Again LLC by Comarch Pointshub Inc., a subsidiary of Comarch Capital Group, was signed on 17 July 2015. The headquarters of this customer loyalty platform provider on the North American continent are in the United States. The transaction is worth 8 million dollars. The acquisition will be financed from Comarch’s own funds. The representatives of Comarch will become members of the company’s bodies at the supervisory and operational levels. A lion’s share of those funds will be used to invest in the expansion of the sales network in the USA and Canada and to purchase IT services from Comarch SA.

For 15 years now Comarch has provided its customers with state-of-the-art IT solutions for comprehensive management of B2C and B2B customer loyalty programs and automation of marketing activities. Comarch Loyalty Management allows creating attractive mechanisms of engaging and rewarding customers, facilitates effective customer data management, supports communication via a lot of channels, and provides information about the program’s results. More than 98% of Comarch SA’s revenue in this market segment comes from its operations abroad.

- Nowadays, in the scope of the customer loyalty and CRM systems, we cooperate with over 50 very large customers from all over the world; from Canada and the USA, to South America, Europe, Russia, the Persian Gulf countries, to South Eastern Asia. It is a very promising market, where a typical contract starts from several million dollars. Our products and services are already purchased all over the world. The investment in Thanks Again will allow us to step up the pace of sales in the USA and Canada and, ultimately, in other parts of the world. The goal of our operations is also to build additional value for the shareholders of Comarch SA. This will be possible thanks to linking our product and service portfolios, available in diverse service models, to the customer database of Thanks Again (which includes e.g. a few dozen airports in the USA) and to the innovativeness of the company’s customer loyalty program. This innovativeness arises from the integration with the largest credit card systems in the USA - says Marcin Warwas, Vice-President of the Management Board of Comarch SA and Vice-President of Comarch Pointshub Inc.

In its strategy, Comarch puts focus on organic growth; however, it does not exclude further acquisitions of smaller entities in the future. In the last years, Comarch Capital Group has been joined by: the German software provider SoftM Software und Beratung AG with its principal office in Munich, the medical Polish company ESAPROJEKT, and the Swiss company A-MEA Informatik AG.

About Thanks Again, LLC
Thanks AgainR, headquartered in Atlanta, has uniquely established itself as a global loyalty coalition brand. Its turnkey loyalty and engagement solution links members of the most popular rewards programs to airport parking, airport shopping and dining operators to stimulate commerce, loyalty and customer value. Thanks Again is rapidly expanding throughout North America and the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region. Through direct partnerships with the three leading international payment card networks, Thanks Again is positioned for significant global expansion in enrolled members, loyalty reward partners, airport clients and localbusinesses.