In the new edition of the 2000 List published by “Rzeczpospolita”, Comarch was rated as the most innovative company.

In 2008, Comarch spent 93 mln PLN for R&D activity (96.6 mln PLN in the previous year). Comarch has designated 15 percent of the company’s revenue for R&D activity as well as the resources of approximately 1100 employees. The panel of judges for the Good Company award has also awarded Comarch as the fastest developing company from the List of 2000.
Comarch conducts its R&D activities within the following business units: Telecommunications, Banking, Trade and Services, Public Administration and Small and Medium Enterprise. The majority of the products which Comarch sells have been developed within the organization.

- The implementation of innovation in products and improvement of solutions, which increase their competitiveness, is our definition of R&D - said Professor Janusz Filipiak, Comarch CEO.
R&D activity is financed in Comarch from EU Structural Funds and specifically from The Sectoral Operational Programme, the European Union Framework Programs, the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education within the Sectoral Operational Programme, EUREKA/CELTIC.

- Capital expenditure for innovations is higher than not only the average for Poland, which at 0.6 percent of PKB expenditure for R&D lags behind the rest of Europe, but is average for Scandinavian countries, which has spent between 3 and 5 percent of their PKB - said Paweł Prokop, Vice President, Comarch.

This year’s leaders in innovation from the List of 2000 Rankings of „Rzeczpospolita” have included R&D centers in their organizational structure. These companies have protected their self from the impact of the economic crisis. Despite worsening market conditions, in 27 companies, out of the 66 which were classified in the rankings, employment in R&D units has slightly increased.