Comarch takes active part in Poland – The Can-Do Nation conference in New York

On 3 and 4 October 2018, New York became the venue for Poland – The Can-Do Nation, a series of meetings between Polish economic leaders and American business representatives. The main organizer of the event was PZU SA.

The conference was organized in the context of the centennial of Polish independence and the recent accession of our country to the prestigious group of developed countries. Its objective was to showcase our potential and achievements, as well as to forge business relations with American partners.

The agenda of Poland – The Can-Do Nation kicked off with a meeting of Polish and American company representatives, organized by Comarch on the 3rd of October in its seat in New York. During the event, Janusz Filipiak, founder and CEO of Comarch, presented a document entitled "A Global War for the Cloud: USA, China, Europe", in which he addressed the growing role of cloud solutions, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in contemporary IT, discussing examples of their application in IT systems for healthcare and retail businesses. He then went on to talk about the technology race between the US and China, in which the latter is aggressively catching up and gradually overtaking the former. Professor Filipiak also explained the diminishing role of united Europe in this global conflict. The whole presentation is available on the official website of Comarch at

Poland – The Can-Do Nation culminated in the Polish Business Day in New York, organized by PZU SA in partnership with Thomson Reuters and the Boston Consulting Group. Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, was its guest of honor. The conference discussed the position of Poland in the global economy and the investment potential of our country.

The main event on the agenda was a festive dinner held on the second day of the conference, with speeches by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman of Goldman Sachs. Professor Filipiak also delivered an address.

It is worth mentioning that the Polish Business Day in New York took place at the seat of the Harvard Club. The prestigious location was chosen on purpose, as it alluded to a special announcement made during the conference: the organizers presented a new mentorship program, Poland-100, designed to boost the image of Poland and tighten economic ties with the US. More than ten CEOs from Polish companies have been involved in the project. The idea is to organize business internships for Harvard University students to allow young Americans to learn about Polish history, business, and economy. Once the program ends, interns will have a choice of staying in Poland or going back to the US and continuing their business cooperation with Polish partners. Professor Filipiak has joined the program as a mentor.

"In the US, Poland is still the butt of stereotypes dating back to the communist period, which means that Americans simply don't know our country at all. Thanks to the Poland-100 initiative, we have an opportunity to improve its image and show ourselves as a dynamic and enterprising nation", says Professor Janusz Filipiak.

The Poland-100 projects brings on board many of the pillars of the Polish economy, including Paweł Surówka, CEO of PZU, Michał Krupiński, CEO of Pekao, Adam Góral, CEO of Asseco, Professor Janusz Filipiak, CEO of Comarch, and Maciej Adamkiewicz, CEO of the Adamed Group.