Comarch at CeBIT 2010: Hall 5, Stand E04

Comarch is starting 2010 with a major product offensive by presenting numerous innovations at CeBIT. Release 5.0 of the ERPII software Comarch Semiramis offers a groundbreaking new technical infrastructure for release-independent, easy provision of industry solutions and add-on applications as well as featuring a new interface design. A live demo in Hannover, “The Shop of the Future”, will present Comarch Altum, the ERP solution for commercial and service companies, with features including a new EDI component, as part of a complete solution for retailers and chain stores.

Extensive business intelligence solutions will be presented as an integral element of all business software products from Comarch. Comarch ECOD offers a modern service for B2B communication. Completely new client applications are offered by the document management system InfoStore. The portfolio is completed with solutions for IT infrastructure and outsourcing.

Comarch Semiramis 5.0: App Center and new user interface design
The web-based ERPII software Comarch Semiramis will be presented for the first time at CeBIT as the new Release 5.0, available from the end of March 2010. The latest version of Comarch Semiramis has a new add-on infrastructure, which enables release-independent integration of industry solutions and add-on applications, also known as “Apps”. This groundbreaking new concept means that users will be able to integrate new Semiramis applications at any time - without release change. Similar to the well-known App Stores for mobile telephones, this concept offers a platform for partners of Comarch Semiramis to make available a rapidly-growing number of add-on applications for Comarch Semiramis. Semiramis Apps, including for contract management and Service&Repair, will be shown at CeBIT.

An outstanding feature of Comarch Semiramis is its user-friendliness which has already won the software many awards. This strong point has been further developed with improvements to the design of the interface and the Look&Feel incorporating new icons, perspective and color gradients. Another important innovation in Comarch Semiramis 5.0 is the greater adaptability of the interfaces. Fields can now be relocated or created by the users themselves.

Comarch Altum: EDI integration and “Retail innovation centre”

Also being presented at CeBIT will be a new release of the ERP software Comarch Altum. This flexible solution for SMEs, in particular for commercial and service companies, covers a wide variety of areas of application and requirements, which are normally met by means of add-on solutions. For instance, Comarch Altum offers as standard functions for administering and automating business processes as well as fully-integrated solutions for Business Intelligence, E-Commerce and Mobile Computing. Its flexible architecture means that the software is easy and quick to adapt to the particular requirements of each company. Integration with the EDI solution Comarch ECOD is a new feature which enables comprehensive B2B communication.

A particular highlight at CeBIT will be the live demo of Comarch’s complete solution for retailers and chain stores. In “Retail innovation centre” the latest generation of hardware and software gives a totally new buying experience. Visitors can inspect the retail, ERP, loyalty and EDI solutions offered by Comarch for retailers and experience how, in combination with modern till systems and Microsoft’s “Surface” technology, they herald a new era in retail. Regular tours of the Shop of the Future will show how a retailer’s processes – from the shop through back office to head office – can operate automatically.

Business Intelligence: Integral front-end and data warehouse solutions

Comarch will be presenting a variety of new developments in the field of Business Intelligence (BI) at CeBIT. Comarch’s BI portfolio contains a new BI front-end, which enables report generation, creation of dashboards as well as implementation of analyses and planning. Besides standard reports this can also generate individual ad-hoc analyses; these can also drill-down as far as individual documents. This modern BI front-end can be employed in connection with all Comarch business product lines – Comarch Semiramis, Comarch Altum, Comarch SoftM Suite, Comarch DKS and Comarch Schilling – and are available either as Windows or as a Web client.

In addition, the Comarch BI portfolio includes data warehousing solutions for individual product lines. From the ERP and finance applications – and if required from any other sources – data are extracted and modeled as cubes for the various operations. These form the basis for specialist BI cockpits, in which reports, analyses, key figures and dashboards are created with the front-end tools for the relevant sectors. At the same time any other data source may be incorporated. A variety of cockpits are available, including for Accounts, Controlling, Distribution, Procurement, Warehousing/Logistics and Production. New cockpits for Comarch Semiramis (Production sector) and Comarch SoftM Suite (Distribution sector) can, amongst others, be seen at CeBIT. There are also new BI cockpits (Controlling sector) available for the finance solutions Comarch DKS and Comarch Schilling. New with Comarch DKS are also an info module and financial controlling functions.

Comarch ECOD: EDI as a service
The EDI system Comarch ECOD (Electronic Center of Documents) simplifies and expedites electronic data and document exchange between companies. Instead of using rigid point-to-point connections, the ECOD customer communicates with the central clearing center in Comarch’s computer center. New business partners are linked up quickly and without additional expense to the customer. There is no more need to implement in-house converters. ECOD is available as an integrated solution for the ERP systems Comarch Semiramis, Comarch Altum and Comarch SoftM Suite.

iReward24: SaaS solution for SME customer loyalty
Bonus points and customer cards are increasingly used in SMEs. In order for SMEs to be able to increase customer loyalty to themselves and their products with IT-based marketing measures, Comarch has developed iReward24. This flexible and intuitive solution, which is offered in the SaaS model, contains many functions for controlling the processes and mechanisms necessary for realizing efficient customer loyalty programs, ranging from administering customer accounts, to calculation and redemption of bonus points, through to personalized communication, customer segmenting and reporting.

InfoStore 10: With the Apollo Client to new dimensions of DMS

At CeBIT 2010 Solitas Informatik AG is presenting the InfoStore 10 with entirely new front-end applications and platform independent middleware. Developed in accordance with the latest ergonomic findings, the “Apollo Client” enables users to work faster and more efficiently with documents. Middleware written in Java enables communication with archives on various operating system platforms. Using plug-in technology, functions from other applications, e.g. access to creditor account by the accounting software during invoice receipt checks, can be easily integrated in the Apollo Client. The integrated workflow module allows flexible process design.

Comarch Workflow: Process modeling and optimization
Comarch Workflow, a solution for simple and transparent modeling of decision-making processes, will be presented for the first time at CeBIT. Comarch Workflow offers a powerful workflow engine and graphic editors for process modeling, as well as design of forms and dictionaries. The system optimizes recording and processing of both incoming and outgoing documents, increases job efficiency and control of the processes, improves communication and documentation quality. Comarch Workflow is extremely scalable and can be used in combination with all current databases.

IT infrastructure: Convenient replacement of optical archive systems
As turnkey IT supplier assuming responsibility for the entire process, Comarch also offers comprehensive solutions for IT infrastructure. The range on offer extends from server and storage systems through security, visualization and consolidation concepts to solutions for system management and IT outsourcing. A focal point of the presentation at CeBIT is a concept for convenient replacement of optical archive systems based on modern disk-based memory systems – with WORM functionality, as required by law.