Comarch intend to begin the construction of new data centers in Lille and Cracow and also of new office space in Lodz.

The company is also planning to invest more in e-health programs and is mapping further activity for the German market. The acquisition of a French software company is also something they are looking into. Despite having some investments plans, Comarch does not exclude to pay due dividends for 2012 , announced to the news Polish Press Agency.

During the first part of the year Comarch is set to finish construction of a new data center  in Germany.

- This investment will cost us about 12 million Euro. We are constantly gaining new business in Germany and building a new data center  will give us a better image and grounding there. Nowadays, most of our services for German clients can be offered in a cloud model and we want to provide these services from our own center, because up to now we have been leasing property in Germany, - said Professor Janusz Filipiak, the founder and CEO of Comarch.

In 2013, Comarch will acquire a French IT company.

-The new acquisition will cost between 12 to 15 million zloty. We haven't started the negotiations yet, but we do have some potential targets and we expect to begin the process in the second quarter of 2013, - said Prof. Filipiak.

Polish Press Agency, February 2013